Me2 Steal This Mixtape

After conquering the world several times over as one half of electronic titans Flosstradamus, Josh Young traded the stage for the studio, buckling down for a beat-a-day challenge that would quickly morph into Me2, a new solo project informed by his Chicago DJ roots and all-around pop culture appetite. If festival dance music has gotten stale, Me2 is the antidote: wildly fun, shuffle-mode samples meet the Floss muscle fans know and love. His free Fool’s Gold debut, Steal This Mixtape, is a diesel-powered introduction to one of our favorite producers stepping out on his own.

“This mixtape is an homage to all of my musical inspirations growing up… From Fleetwood Mac, to System of a Down, all the way to Southside Chicago Juke and Footwork. It’s as much a throwback to the early mash up days as it is a step forward for rap production. For the last 10 years I’ve been part of a creative partnership, so this is completely new and exciting territory for me going off on my own.” – Me2

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