Picks of the week 0020


Picks of the Week 0020

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have an awesome turkey day this year. Eat tons of food, drink a good but responsible amount & spend time with good people. We have a special Thanksgiving Day rendition of the picks of the week. Seven quality tracks to help get you through that drive to Grandma’s house.

First up is a track from Quality Goods Records by Champagne Drip titled ‘Return Harbor.’ This track is just one of the killer tracks off his latest EP Poseidon which released on November 18 of this year.

The next track is a called Suffocate by the young & beautiful Whipped Cream. This track is heavy!

Third up on the list is a track by G Jones called ‘Pull up.’ I had the pleasure of listening to his set this past summer in Salmo, BC for Shambhala Music Festival. Highly recommend checking out his Visions Tour in 2017.

Next up ‘Don’t Shoot’ by Hybrid Theory, we decided to take it back to house with this future house banger. This one is a free download, but Hybrid Theory also has a track, ‘This is Bass’ out now on iTunes.

Fifth on the list features a track off ‘The Gyaldem’ EP. It’s nice to see some classic styles making its way back into the scene. If you are an old schooler, or someone who appreciates older styles, then ‘The Hunt’ by Albzzy is definitely worth checking out.

Next up we have a track by CHLO called ‘Piston.’ This track was released on a compilation released by Emince out of Paris, France.

Lastly on this turkey day, we have a free download by Eqal. Called ‘Work.’ We picked this club track last because it is meant to get you hyped as you arrive to Grandma’s for that delicious feast.

Thank you for checking out this week’s edition of the Picks of the week. Happy Thanksgiving family.

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