Exploring his fresh sound, Lil Texas is embracing his technical wits and showcasing his musical prowess alongside Yung Satan for what is an animate spectacle swimming in bubbly beats that is perfectly complimented by the vocal sample of Toni Braxton found throughout the track. “Private Yacht” is comprised of dance floor resonance that reaches multiple points on the sound spectrum truly defying any labels for genres. Starting off with a sunrise of sounds that builds into a cinematic soundscape with smooth and feelsy rhythms leading into an energy filled Jersey like aesthetic. “Private Yacht” premiered Thursday December 8th, via NestHQ, and is here for free! The single is available to stream and download on most major music platforms.

“Really glad we made this track on drugs and finished it sober. Enjoy a positive ride through this genre bending track” – Lil Texas

“Imagine playing Cruisin World on Nintendo 64 and you think it’s on the Berlin level but halfway through you realize it’s actually the Atlanta level.” – Yung Satan

Download :

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