ARNTRE L.A Denim Jacket (Spring 2017)


A few weeks ago i got together with my friend Megan to take a few product shots of our new denim jacket which drops in the Spring of 2017. The denim jacket is hand bleached and distressed by yours truly, i love working on these jackets because every single piece comes out a little different, nothing is mass-produced that’s the beauty of it. From the side patches to the back patch every single patch and print is hand-made and stitched here at our Trend Machine studio in Long Beach. The denim jacket she’s wearing took about 3 hours to bleach, another hour to wash and dry and about an extra 3 hours to distress. The back of the jacket is what took most of my time because i had to thread each single blue thread so that only the white thread can show. Let me know what you think, I’d love to get some feedback. Cheers.


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