Kendrick Lamar – Humble (R3LL Remix)

Humble (R3LL Remix)
Humble (R3LL Remix)


We all know that Kendrick Lamar one of the best west coast rappers in the game. So it was only fitting that R3ll, a recent transplant to Los Angeles would give a club twist to Kendrick Lamar’s’ “Humble” track off his new album, “Damn.”  The R3LL remix stays consistently fresh with various club beats and a chopped up sample that gets even a little trap influence in the mix. If you been paying attention to the club music scene for awhile, you might have noticed a similar percussion and rhythm similar to the R4’s remix of work it; Which R3LL was a contributing producer with DJ Sliink. The track is so well done that it should be an official remix.

Check it below:


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