Carnage is back at it again with a free release for our collection. Carnage has really been pumping out music and even collaborated on an EP with Young Thug titled Young Martha. This release for the core Carnage fans is a nice follow up to his releases. The track features GRAVEDGR, an unknown and mysterious artist who is under the same management as SAYMYNAME and under the All Access Management. GRAVDGR seems to be the latest member of the Heavyweight Records collective founded by Carnage.

The song Hijueputa is a festival ready track and starts off with some heavy kicks thats reminiscent of Hard House music. The track then begins a buildup with some vocal melodies and then becomes extremely aggressive. The music stops and then the song builds up to some beautiful chord progressions and goes back into the Hardstyle sound. The track overall seems like parts of different songs but offers something for everyone to find enjoyment in. I personally love that chord buildup at two minutes and twenty seconds into the song.

Carnage: Twitter|Instagram

GRAVEDGR: Soundcloud|Twitter



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