Club Heat 0012: R3LL, Ace Mula, Jakkz, Casement (UK), Team Lil Man

2017 was a great year for club music, it seems to only get better with some of the heat that released in the past few days. We most recently discovered new bass, club driven talent from the UK- Casement. Jersey natives R3LL, Ace Mula, and Jakkz have been releasing game changers. R3LL most recently released his EP “A Jerz Love Story” on DIM MAK. Ace Mula has been on a roll with heavy jersey club mixes. Jakkz starts 2018 strong with his N.E.R.D Remix (140bpm). We stumbled across a video of Team Lil Man dancing to an unknown track ID. We suspect it’s from DJ Sliink’s Cartel Music group. If you find out, please send the ID too 2018 will be the year of club music world wide.

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