Albzzy Selects 001: Benny L & Inja – Vanta Blackin

Release: Vanta Black EP

Release date: June 7th 2019

Label: Metalheadz

Benny L is no stranger to the drum and bass scene, and is at the top of his game. His back catalogue contains releases on labels such as Hospital Records, Drum & Bass Arena and more, and you can catch him playing at festivals such as Boomtown and SW4 this summer. On vocals it’s renowned MC and artist Inja, a huge part of the UK’s drum and bass scene.

Having kept this track a dub for a long time, the pair finally unleash this no-holds-barred, moody, minimal masterpiece to the masses.

Opening with an eerie synth that sounds like it’s straight from a thriller movie, the track slowly builds and progresses to a sparse yet highly effective drum pattern with underlying aggressive sub tones.

Inja rides on top with a dark vocal line to fit. Lyrics such as “Everything is black, there’s no turning back” really add to the overall feel and emotion of the track. For me personally, this is my go to track right now now. Its been on repeat since I first heard it. The sound design, mixdown, master and even the track arrangement is absolutely on point! Overall: 9/10

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