ARNTRE x Calico 2019 Jersey Promo 001

What up guys this is Danny Trejo. Im going to be posting a bit more now, it’s time to talk about the clothing and new projects we have coming up. Above you’ll see the new ARNTRE x Calico Collab jersey of 2019, me and my homie Ruben have been collaborating for some time now. Last year we dropped our first collab jersey that was Gold and Black pictured below.

For this new one we went left field with it, something unique and ahead of its time. This new jersey was super fun to design, we had a sit down with some of our friends Jesse, Albzzy which was visiting at the time in April. That was such a cool day, we sketched out the jersey, and then i put it together on photoshop and started playing with colors. We designed the whole jersey from the colors to the print and patch, along with the cut seems on the side of the jersey, and wrist colors to give it some contrast. This jersey is completely made in Downtown L.A. . We added the number 10 on the back to represent the best soccer players in the game.

These next few months leading up to the pop up shop we’re going to be recording and shooting our very first line since the start of ARNTRE in 2007. We’ve been doing this for 12 years now and we’ve never dropped an actual collection for the clothing line. We’ve just been dropping random items for our supporters. Now we really want to push this forward and make everything better from the quality of the shirts, to the quality of the prints and customer service. We’ve never been the best at shipping items but we’re going to change that and ship items 2-3 days after the order has been placed. Our goal is to make our customer happy and continue delivering high quality designs, prints and garments. Thank you guys so much for the continues support. We can’t wait to show you guys what we’re working on. The new line will include, a Denim Jacket, Wind Breaker, Denim Pull Over and a new Pocket T-shirt. Look out for sneak peaks in the next few months.

Jerseys getting cut and sewed in DTLA

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