NAMM 2020 brings new Pioneer Mixer

The 2020 NAMM convention wrapped up last week at the Anaheim convention center and Arntre was there checking out the scoop. Special thanks to Daniel for getting us the photos.

NAMM always brings about the latest and greatest in music gear and technology. One of the most anticipated new products is easily the new Pioneer DJ mixer. Rumors began swirling early on in the week that they were going to unveil a new product. Some websites even began posting it for sale as early as Wednesday. Then on Thursday, Pioneer DJ brings out the all new DJM-V10 6 channel mixer.


This mixer is a powerful upgrade from the already powerful DJM900 NXS2. While most people seemed to woo over the mind boggling 6 channels, my attention turned to the 4 band EQ which previously was primarily on the Xone DJ mixers. Having 4 EQ bands instead of 3 gives the DJ much more control of sound manipulation. Another rad feature, was the use of 2 separate headphone jacks with volume control. If you are in a duo (or more), or go b2b with another DJ, you now can both plug your headphones and control your own volume without it affecting the other artist. They also expanded the sends/returns on the mixer as well along with FX. 6 channels is cool of course too, but lets be honest here, most DJs probably wont be going past 4 cdjs so most mobile and home setups, this will probably be overkill. Id expect this mixer to become a cornerstone at major festivals & clubs. With a $3,199 price tag, a full 6 cdj set up will run you combined cost now of $16,400. However this mixer no doubt will create the opportunity for some truly special b2b2b situations.




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