arnold & lane – gas then dip ep (box of cats)

Last Friday, Southern California based duo Arnold & Lane dropped their freshman release on Box of Cats. The 3 track EP titled ‘Gas then Dip’ is one of their biggest releases to date. They have a very unique flavor of house & techno and have one of the prominent artists on the rise for the last couple years. They played one of our RESET after hour parties last year and absolutely crushed in. Arnold & Lane continue to push limits & boundaries with each new release. You definitely want to go out & support this release. More from Box of Cats below.

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Download/stream Arnold & Lane ‘Gas then Dip’ EP Here

“Two lads living the dream – writing beats, playing shows and partying with fans. The lid was literally about to pop before the mighty Rona virus kicked in and changed everyone’s plans. With their own unique twist on clubby techno with original vocals, Arnold & Lane are set to have a very strong year regardless of what tricks the virus has up its nasty sleeves. Once the gates open and we’re set free upon the dancefloor, we’re willing to bet our furry paws that you’ll be seeing these guys on all kinds of festival stages across the US.

Now that we’ve buttered the duo’s bread with our sweet praises, let’s get to the music. The title track One Button is an absolute chugger, filled out with a groovy 303 while a robotic voice takes you through the paces. Gas Then Dip and Baby Baby Baby (very important to say it all 3 times) take you to the darker side of the duo’s taste. 808s, 90s vocal chops and unforgettable vocal hooks are the name of the game here.

This is Arnold & Lane’s first solo release on Box of Cats, and what a way to welcome them to the family. Enjoy Gas Then Dip EP!”
– Wongo, Kyle Watson