Moombahton Round Up #4

Chucko y Yanck Yanck remixed this FlipN’Gawd track and the results are pretty spectacular, definitely dig it Sambo and the Afrobros teamed up for this sexy fucking bootleg of Shape of You. Great job bros keep it up!! Godwonder once again with that fire 🔥 M3B flipped this munchi x Godwonder x Dari Caramelo track into … Continue reading Moombahton Round Up #4

Moombahton Roundup #3

Starting up the round up we got……. Muthafucking MUNCHI!!!!!!!!! this is what we have come to expect from Munchi. Cream of the crop Moombahton, Excellence. Very Appreciative of The Godfather’s contribution this month TY. Up next as would only be right Slegena records’ Godwonder with Caile. Needless to say Selegna Records is Killing it this … Continue reading Moombahton Roundup #3

2 Deep Exclusive Mix

Arntre Radio is back with another exclusive mix. For our 10th installment of Arntre Radio, we are very excited for this guest. 2 Deep is originally from New York, but currently calls Los Angeles home. He has been a steeple in the moombahton community & continues to produce dope track after dope track. 2 Deep … Continue reading 2 Deep Exclusive Mix