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Volac – Funky EP

Coming in hot off their last EP : Russian style, Volac delivers once again in the new EP titled “Funky”. Two dance floor ragers sure to get the party wild. The track “Bass so low” comes ready with a perfect groove that rides right in to a heavy drop filled with funky synths as well as percussive sounds that are unique and tasteful. The EP titled track “Funky” is every bit of Volacs style with vocal chants leading right into that signature Volac synty sound. These two tracks are bass certified rollers and would fit nicely into any DJ’s sets. CANDL

Flava D – Spicy Noodles

Finally! The long awaited Night Bass EP from Flava D! I know Flava D and Night Bass fans alike Jumped out their windows when this 3 track banger of a release dropped! It has everything you would expect from the legend with infectious melodies, hooks, and heavy synth bass that is the signature of that UK sound. “Pick Pocket” Jumps right into and bangs right out of any Dancefloor set with its catchy lyrics building up to a heavy drop laced with an infectious melody. This track is a certified Dancefloor banger. “Acting Stank” another certified dancefloor banger immediately lures you in with its catchy hook reminiscent of southern bass music followed up by those feel good melodies wich has become signature with the sound of Flava D. After being hooked in you then get hit with a drop that is Nightbass to its core, but still holds that Flava D UK sound with colorful synths and Bass! The last track on this EP “Spicy Noodles” Feels like a culmination rounding out the entirety of the EP. With that signature Flava D intro this tracks jumps into a steady groove with garage like percussion and immediately gets into melodies reminiscent of UK Garage. The track wraps you into the build then proceeds to drop Heavy and funky with big bass synths that are certified dancefloor madness! -CANDL