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I'm a 28 year-old director/designer, currently residing in San Diego, California. I received my bachelor's degree in Architecture, with a minor in Design & Technology. When I'm not creating schematic designs, plans, ads, logos or marketing schemes, then my passion for music and its industry take over!

RL Grime Ft. Djemba Djemba – Valhalla [Promnite Edition]

More and more free music for y’all today, I’m loving it!!!!  Alrighty, for this next lil’ beauty, I have Promnites edition of Valhalla.  Major big room feel on this one, with chants that will get a stadium roaring like a Premiere League match.  It’s twerky, hyphy, and your EDM-freaked-out-girl or guy, is gonna be grindin’ on this for sure!  -Roane

JBW Exclusive Mix – B. Robertson (South Bend, Indiana) – Breakfast Blend

Ok, so a couple of days ago, the JBW Crew dropped a massive exclusive mix on their page and I’m not lying when I am telling y’all…..this will have you juke’n up on behind her, like a dog on your leg!  There’s a huge catalog on this one and I love that they dropped this for FREE.  Of course I will put the tracklist below, so you don’t have to sit there like WTF was that one?!  -Roane


Traxman – A Pimp Named Slick Back
DJ Diamond – Flight Muzik Reloaded-13 Burn Dat Boy
Rockwell Knuckles – The Ones That Knock ft Nick Menn (DMY Edit)
Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (B. Robertson Mix A)
RP Boo – 187 Homicide
DJ Rashad – Acid Bit (feat. Addison Groove)
DJ PayPal x DJ Taye x Boylan x DJ Big Hank – Love Jones
Dice Beats – 123 Drop It Down (Static Rework Remix)
LFO – Freak (Benncart’s Gettin’ Your Freak On Juke Edit)
Dj Earl & Sonic D – Stop Playin Wit Me
Crossfire, DJ Fred, Traxman – Trackz R Way – The C.F.T.
D-M-Y – Killa 15′
Comoc – Game Pieces
Heavee – Go!
Heavee – Cb2m
Amen Werkz – Jonny 5
Haaaaa – DJ Tre
I Have All – DJ Earl
OHMEN – Bring That Beat (I Need You) Pt. 1&2
Skubi- Prolific
Symbiotic Sounds – Funky Beats

INSPECTOR DUBPLATE EXCLUSIVE!!! Ganja White Night – Champagne

I think this just might officially be my first dub post on our ever so glorious Artnre LA blog?!  It’s not that I have anything against dubstep, dnb, or anything inbetween; actually spinning dub was my groundings into the West Coast dj scene.  Anyways, for those who know, anything Inspector Dubplate touches, is gold!  This track by Ganja White Night, is no exception.  Champagne, takes on the Future RnB push that has been trickling down, mixed with that Purple goodness that the UK introduced to us.  Nothing overly complex about the composition here, but there is nothing short of fun up-beat vibes here.  This is perfect for opening or closing the place down, plus it’s FREE!!! BOOM!!!  -Roane