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Well if you’re just tuning in that one guy known as Happy Colors just got a hold of Diplo & Friends and made it his own. With his unique sound and out the world flavor with ripped a new one on this  so-called EDM thing. A mixture of global bass sounds, reggaeton, merengue, salsa, bachata and his own Ignorant Bass greatness took over the airwaves and had everyone tuned in. Posted below is a link to the mix and a ton of  that great sound that you must get a hold of. You guys enjoy it and if you haven’t followed Happy Colors make sure to do so. Catch you next week with a tune filled edition of Moombahton Monday!!!!

Direct link to his BBC Radio 1xtra mix posted below



Back at it again with your weekly dose of Moombahton tunes. This week I have a couple of Moombahton Monday premiers that are simply BANGING!! I’m going to keep this one nice short and let you enjoy the Moombah madness that’s in store for you on this weeks post. Press play, downoad and share the sound that Dave Nada created.


The homies Woogie and Los XL joined forces are created this Moombahton Banger titled JUMP!
When I say we can’t go without Ricky Vaughn on a Moombahton Monday post I mean it. Some spanking new material from the Moombahton King of the East featuring  Daron Vande. (free download soon)

* Some V&V extra tunage, get that Control for them slow whine needs.
dOpe Tendencies x Di-Hell -Cool collab out now on MOONBVSSED Records!
1/2 of Mambo Killers, Killa & Ricardo Romero unleashed Esa Gata!!
This time it’s Di-Hell on that solo work, dale play al Vagabundo!

Muevelo Volume 4 is out now and this one is full of what you need, Moombahton, Jungle Terror & More!
Ronaldo Reagan flipped Daddy Flix’s Mirage and this one is on point.
Tra…..Tra……Trrrrrraaaaa by Shaun D.
Some bouncy Moombahton from Bad Royale.

Came across Una Cosa by Sig Sawyer and it literally made my jaw drop.
Featured Fake Moustache’s Fritanga track last week not knowing it was part of an amazing Bass compilation by Le Ronca Records.
Bassball Playas hitting Moombah home runs.
The homie Naybr recently released his Sucia EP check it out!
Gabriel Rowano gatherd his friends for a second volume. Featuring Pixie Trace, El $abor, Antae & more!

Some nice Moombahton from White Gangster, from Russia with love!
DASH Slktr drops a remix to SmallFall’s Jungler tune.

Perk Pietrek went in on this classic tune by Crookers.

Some new Washiwasha material may not be full Moombah but this is right up the alley.








Hi there Moombah fam………. I’ts been a good minute and many Moombahtunes have gone by since we’ve seen each other. I’m here to try to catch up on what I’ve missed and what I’m currently listening to. So please don’t be mad at a dude and just press play or download all the goodies that I’m about to throw on here. Trying to make this short as possible so you can blast that Moombahton to maximum level, so enjoy the tunes and Moombahton Forever fam!!!!!


First off we have the homie Los XL and Trapzillas with this heavy Moombahton track, this one brings that serious heat.
Been wanting to blog the homie Rathero for a good minute now, he has been on a Moombahton rampage as of late. Don’t belive me just go ahead and press play.
Can’t be a Moombahton blog without the one and only Ricky Vaughn.

Been following King Kong since day one and his production level has been at 100 since.

The quality of this tune by Stas, Skrude & Hataah is amazing, by far one of the best Moombahton tracks of all time (IMO)
Two guys, baseball bats and Moombahton. Check out what the Baseball Playas have been cooking in the lab.
One of my personal favorites right here, the homie dOpe Tendencies went in on that Alena remix.
This remix of Bubblegum by Indisa was on repeat for a good minute.

Cris Major released his Muevelo EP about a month ago and that EP still goes hard. Don’t sleep on this dude, I just know he will be making some serious noise later.

Los XL turned this Zion y Lennox track into a Moombahton banger.
Noizekid has been on the rise as of late, this young producer out of Mexico is full of talent and showing the world to the fullest. I leave you with some Moombah sounds that he has released recently.

The young producer out of UK D-Dots brings you Rebellion.
Lucena takes a shot at Vomiton.

The fam over in LA don’t sleep on that Moombahton, here are a couple of 2Deep Moombah gems. #MUEVELO

This tune by Chuck Upbeat is one for the books.
The new duo known as Loud N Dirty drop this Moombah/Terror tune.

El Kapo Music…………nuff said!

Waiting for the next wave of tunes from Di-Hell.

El Jerry 1/2 of Nekbreakers is cooking up some hot fire. Check out his productions right here.

The people over at La Resistencia Records have been pushing Moombahton for a good minute and they’ve been on point.

Uproot Andy really brought it to the table with his Barrioteca EP.
The guys known as Maxx & EJ are no strangers to the Moombahton sound and they just left you a nice gift……
Going back to the West Coast for this one, the guys over at Muevelo are just killing the sound right now. Just wit for Muevelo Volume 4!!!!
Major Lazer released this a while back but is def a nice Moobahton tune.!
Came across KANALHAS out of Lisbon, they flipped Get Low by Dillon & DJ Snake and this is what happened.

Twisted Colors brings that Trapbahton on Major Lazer’s Too Original track.

Yo, the homie Fake Moustache made some hot Fritangas for you!