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Crash party – its on like that (cuttinitfine)

Genre: Mid-tempo Breaks, Glitch Hop

UK based funk artists Crash Party, who we previously featured on Arntre Radio here is back at it again with a brand new funk EP out on cuttinitfine, a UK based multi genre label with foundations in Hip Hop, Reggae and Funk but we are heavily influenced by current sounds and bass music. Mix that with vocal collaborations and turntablism & you get cuttinfine. The EP drops tomorrow (Friday, August 7th) on all platforms, but currently it is out on Juno Download.

“It’s on like that!” Projected from Mark Curry’s vocal cords during 2001’s rap hit “Bad Boys for Life.” Well…. Scoot along Sean Combs. Crash Party are wielding their sampling sticks, have borrowed Mark’s one liner under a new guise “Paul Spicy” (for copyright reasons obviously) and are moving into the neighbourhood to throw their own barn dance! Find them in Grandpas wheelchair at the deep end of the swimming pool, high on Aloe Vera cooking up synthesiser sounds that’ll make Black Rob shriek Whoa indeed!

Kicking off the Shindig is the title track “It’s on Like That.” You can expect the standard shenanigans from the boys as they bring rumblings and growls from Ableton perfectly alongside guitar licks, drum fills, heavy kicks, snares and bass. This track is an absolute belter.

Keeping to their signature sound, they bring Natty Speaks along for the ride on “What You Come to Do?” Well, it looks that they came to Bruck up the party! CP & Natty Speaks tempt you in with a more relaxed vibe, but once they have you in their clutches, they crank it to 200 guaranteeing a mosh pit wherever this is played. This is a solid Collab with the perfect vocal content from Natty.

Up next… “Funk It Up” Doing what’s scribbled on the can! This 120-bpm gem is brimming over with funky guitar’s, fresh horns and a delicious bass line that transforms into some tasty growls while remaining an accessible party joint to all listeners.

Slamming hard on the tail of this EP is the remix competition winner Swim Inc This gentleman stepped up to the challenge of remixing “Funk It Up” and surfaced from his den victorious with this Fresh to Def take on CP’s original. Darkening it up a bit with some serious Synth action while paying homage to the OG, this is how a remix should be handled.

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Mini mix and blurb by Roast Beatz
Artwork by Dave Bushell
Mastered by Rob Small
Released by Cuttin’ It Fine

DEFUNK – Pretty Things

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.36.14 AM

If you have never heard of DEFUNK, today is a great day to discover a new artist. Today, Canadian artist DEFUNK dropped his brand new single “Pretty Things,” off of his upcoming EP coming out on Westwood Recordings. It is sexy, dark & funky all at the same time. The track is a nice collaboration of electro-funk & glitch hop that goes together perfectly with each other. DEFUNK uses Groovy verses and build ups lead into heavy bass filled glitch drops. DEFUNK shows great progression and versatility in his productions. Grab a copy of the new single below, and watch out for his up coming EP “Empire” coming out on Westwood Recordings.


MRNG – Overdrive EP

Just released today (January 9th) on Digital Empire Records & Beatport, Overdrive EP by MRNG. Though it is not their first time to Beatport, this highly anticipated release is debut 3 track release for this trio. The EP features two glitch hop & one drum n bass track that features the vocalist Irony. You may remember a couple weeks ago, one of their remixes was posted, we first mentioned this EP. If you like heavy bass lines & stabbing synths, then this EP is defiantly up your alley. My personal favorite off the release is a called ‘Bloodshot.’

This should be the start of an exciting year for MRNG. They released 2 free remixes (Justin Timberlake & R.Kelly) as a preview leading up to this EP release & have another single scheduled to come out later this month.

You stream it on the Digital Empire Records Soundcloud or purchase the album off Beatport.