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Ranza – El Pueblo

Whats up Moombahton fans? I have a track for you. We have the exclusive premiere of Ranza‘s new banger “El Pueblo.” Out today on BBM via Empire records, El Pueblo has that old school feel with a mix of new style synths. Ranza previously appeared as a guest on Live from Cybertron with the Bakaboyz & is known throughout the moombahton & global bass community. With hard hitting drums & rumbling bass, expect to hear this heater in a dancehall near you.

You can also stream this track on spotify here.

Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block

Munchi - Bek Den Bo Block
Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block

Every time you hear that infamous whistle, it’s a guarantee to be one of the toughest tracks you hear. The only way to describe that moment is similar to when you were a kid and you opened a pack of Pokemon cards and got a crazy holographic card. Well, the Moombah/Dembow/Afro sound is evolving and making a huge comeback in pop and reggaeton music. This latest release by self-proclaimed poke’ master Munchi gives us that third evolution of Dembow. “Bek Den Bo Block’ features trap vocals and a bubbling sound that really livens this track. The song is so tough and pushes that signature sound of Munchi, Its a must download. Enjoy!

Here’s some other Moombah sounds you should check out [HERE]

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Moombahton Roundup #3

Starting up the round up we got……. Muthafucking MUNCHI!!!!!!!!!

this is what we have come to expect from Munchi. Cream of the crop Moombahton, Excellence. Very Appreciative of The Godfather’s contribution this month TY.

Up next as would only be right Slegena records’ Godwonder with Caile.
Needless to say Selegna Records is Killing it this month.

Coming right up we have what will probably one of the best songs of the year!! Fight Club x White Gangster x Gualtiero link up for this fucking monster collab. This shit is wild affffffffffffff!!!!!

Loojan put out this fire EP through Worldwide Records a couple a days ago, Definitely a must listen.

Rathero hits us with Dem Eye Turn, that bouncy bass and those big highs definitely will make this one a staple in 108 BPM festival sets.

D-John comes at us with this slow burner via Worldwide, Low pitched Pitbull sample and a Bubbling switch up make this one a versatile party track. Well Done D-John.

Noizekid drops Azota featuring D-Low. Noize is killing the game right now.

Aaar put out this Remix of Danny Oceans, Me Rehúso, making it a Moombah ballad, When you emotional af but wanna go hard still.

Joes elicits the savage lyrical style of Evdi for “Ese Combo” which is a song all about the booty, accompanied with a slowed down Dembow riddim, this record hot! Gonna make them walls at perreo parties sweat.

Innobass pulling up on us with some muthafuckin moombahcore!! Certified Heat, that’s what I would tag it as in those Serato crates.

There have been several Flips of Party Favors “WAWA” joint. This is another one of those, but towards the upper echelon of the bunch. N$ hits u with the moombah to Jersey Hybrid and demolishes it!!!!!

Some more slow dembow vibes coming at ya with this Flipngawd joint featuring some Happy Colors Vocals, the cover art on this one tho lol!

Reach got that fire Twerk/moombah hybrid on deck!

Wrapping up this months round up is an instant classic from Happy Colors!!!

Til Next Month Y’all!!