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The Cut: More Meat, Less Fat

The Cut: More meat, Less Fat
The Cut: More meat, Less Fat

There are many tracks out there that are hidden by the fat of less delicious tracks. As a part-time butcher of music discovery(and meat in real life), I will cut out the fat and show you the freshest cuts of meat (tracks) in this new segment we call “The Cut”. We will feature all kinds of cuts ranging from Bass, House, and downtempo vibes. 


2DEEP Drops his latest banger and it’s super hot fire! The classic Dutch Sounds, memorable Steve Aoki vocal chop, and the bouncy rhythm give this all kinds of flavor.


That Public Enemy sample, classic House basslines, and that 4 on the floor beat makes this a must have house track. This the first i have heard of Ben Read, but I’m expecting even more classic tunes to jam to.


I’m expecting to hear this drop heavily during festival season and for good reason. Audio Kartel delivers a mixture of Trap percussions, Moombahton rhythms, and heavy synths.  Shout out to Flex Up Crew for being consistent with the tunes.


This tune is so aggressive and for lack of a better word, Lit! The agressive synths and the Pitbull sample work perfectly together and of course Dembow.


Flutes are all the rage right now and we hear a classic melodic flute in this tune that instantly make it nostalgicly awesome. The Spanish vocals give a fun wordplay to sing along to, while the trap breakdown and house rhythms make you want to dance.


The Cut vol.1





Welcome back to another edition of Moombahton Monday, this week I have a nice pack of tunes for all of you guys to enjoy.  For an extra Moombahton treat I decided to throw in a 6 pack of flashback tunes as well. You can’t never go wrong with some Moombahton classics. Till next week my fellow Moombahtoneros, remember to return the favor to the producers out there and follow them on their social media branches. #MOOMBAHTONFOREVER



The Moombahton Messiah known as Ricky Vaughn released his Insecure remix, and this one goes HARD!




The homies Maxx&EJ went deep on this Ginger Shinobi remix!


The Mambo Killers at it once again!!




Varilla teams up with LokitroQki and brings that HEAT!!



Some Moombahsoul vibes from STARK!




Some Global Bass beas dropped by the one and only Antae.




Gratataataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Some new stuff from G-unnior!


Some serious 108 action from Cepillo Cuevas!



Really waiting for this one to drop from the homie No Joda.



The retirement king Orlande going back to his Moombahton roots!



Moombahton Flashback!
1. King Kong – David Heartbreak



2. Vibrate – Gent & Jawns


3. Pretty Flako Remix – 2Deep


4. Cockney Thug Remix – Chong X



5. April – SAUR



6. :DFace – Masterpiece