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D-DOT’s Drops New EP: FAYA

FAYA Cover

Yesterday, straight out of London UK, we got to see the release of D-Dots‘ new self released EP entitled “FAYA.” Now, let me be the first to say, this 4 track EP pretty much speaks for itself and that it is indeed fire. If you are a fan of tropical rhythms, bass, tribal drums and Caribbean sounds, then this is definitely worth checking out. My absolute favorite track from this one is “Wiki.” The track boasts a tribal drum circle vibe worthy of the Rainbow family. The Track “Play That,” is a faster paced tribal dancehall feel to it. There is seriously something for everybody on this track. D-Dots has been putting in a lot of work over that past year to find his sound. Over the summer he made a commitment to himself by finishing a 1 track per week. As the summer progressed, Patrick began to find his sound. You might find his music playful & energetic, an accumulation of Carnival music, Dancehall & Baile funk. A true node to the energy of the tropics.

YOU can support D-Dots by downloading his EP HERE

Oh & by the way, he is also giving away a gang of tracks off his SOUNDCLOUD page that is also fire.

Baltimore Club: The Past and The Future feat. DJ Technics and DJ Ayres

The peeps over at Thump released this exclusive interview a while back with Baltimore Club pioneer DJ Technics (interviewed by DJ Ayres). Technics reveals some of the set backs behind B-more music quoting ,“Baltimore music in Baltimore is a black thing”. He then reveals how club music is a “music thing”. One of the most interesting parts of this conversation was Technic’s describing the Baltimore rhythm, and some of the obnoxious words that are essential to club music. He describes Baltimore Club as the bridge between House and Hip Hop, Technic’s also mentions, “Globally, Baltimore will do well”. This vid answers a lot of questions as to where Baltimore stands now and where B-more is headed. See for yourself.