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Porter Robinson clearly states “Clarity was written at the last moment before the album Clarity was released” on BBC Radio 1

avalon190_007Last week Porter Robinson was interviewed on BBC Radio 1 by  Zane Lowe, he talked about his new album Worlds and “Ghost Producing”.  He clearly stated that he wrote a well-known “EDM” track with a friend but ended up taking his name off it before it was released, one thing, you guys missed the main part of the interview because of the hype around the second question “Will you or have you ever ghost produced?” but at the beginning of the interview Porter talks about the process of Worlds and how it was made in the eleventh hour and then right after that he states

“the song CLARITY was written at the last moment before the album Clarity was released”

If you listen clearly you can hear someone hitting the desk and laughing, like if  he was in disbelieve of what Porter stated on the air. Zane mentions that “it’s gotten really freaky in here, his management team was literally naked, weeping the future, it got really strange in here” So that answers our question. Why was the Porter Robinson interview deleted from the BBC Radio 1 station? Because this was a total slip up. Guess what, we have the clip below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit to the one and only RUKES

BBC Radio 1 Presents: Diplo & Friends ft. DJ Green Lantern



One of the most influential hip hop DJs from the 2000’s made a stop on Diplo & Friends on BBC 1Xtra. DJ Green Lantern was best known for being Eminem’s DJ. He is making a comeback in 2013 with this hip hop and trap mix. Check it out, it has some good tunes in it.


MUNCHI – Diplo and Friends BBC Radio (Download)

Here is the Exclusive Download to last weeks Diplo and Friends Show featuring moombahton pioneer Munchi. 


I Love CDLC – Munchi
Brazzers Anthem (Munchi’s Its Bangbros Motha***** Remix) – Dillon Francis & Dave Nada
Esta Noche – Munchi
Pero Que Lo Que Mujer – Munchi
Manolo No Coje Esa – Munchi
Dame Coco – Munchi
Quiero Cleren (Munchi’s Maless Ni Sabe Holandes Remix) – Keudy De Los Santos
Entragos De Un Hombre Casado – Munchi
Guess Who’s Back x F***This (Blend) – Munchi
Dat A$$ – DJ Shaun D
Sandungueo – Munchi
Tempo Got My Back – Munchi
Playero Revive vs Isa Te Dijo (Blend) – Munchi
Krisspy’s Anthem – Munchi
Gracias – Munchi
Prayer – Munchi
Pray (Royer’s Advice) – Munchi
Waiting At The Soupbox – Munchi
2nd Path – Munchi
Boomer Kuwanger Stage (Mega Man X) – Unknown
Sin Compromiso (Munchi’s F*** These B******* Promoters VIP) – Munchi vs Bro Safari
Firepower – Datsik
Nosebleed – Munchi
Smash TV (Munchi’s ‘Shoryuken’ 3Skull Rmx) – Chase & Status
Get A Reload VIP (Munchi’s Kalimoxto & Kapsalon Rmx) – Bass Boy
Fake Fred Perry (Munchi Is Muito Random Rmx) – Autodidakt ft Spoek
Carnival Madness (Munchi’s Only Beers & Rubbers Remix) – Dogz & Bumps ft Mc Zulu
El Mayimbe – Munchi
Anthony Santos – Munchi
Dame Vida – El Chaval De La Bachata
Tulile Dile Como Es – Munchi
Goon Anthem – Munchi
Puta – Munchi
I-Alarm (Munchi’s Back Then Schurende Faze In Holly VIP) – DJ Chuckie & Hardwell
Satisfaction (Naffie Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie Part II) – Benny Benassi
Moombah (Afrojack Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie VIP) – DJ Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo
Told Ya – Morrison & Isa GT
Sola Fide – Munchi
Repent – Munchi
John 1:12 – Munchi
Dedication – Munchi
Yahaira (Munchi Sabe Porque Son Feka Trap Remix) – Joe Veras
Go (Munchi Is A Thought Criminal Remix) – Professor Angel Dust
Hard In The Paint (Munchi’s Deja Tu Vaina Flocka Remix) – Waka Flocka Flame
Felicidade – Comrade vs Cidinho
Symptomless Coma vs. Rap Da Felicidade (Munchi’s Detangle And Unlearn VIP) (feat. MC Cidinho Y Doca) – Donny & Current Value
Downfall (Munchi’s Guerilla Warfare Remix) – Ufo & Silent Killa
Rotterdam – Munchi
Onderweg (Apology Letter To My Past, Present & Guidance) – Munchi
Oberheim – Kami Kapnobatai

Click here to Download!