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Let’s Get Tropical

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This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we head to Brasil to explore what’s new, and funk the funk down.

What if I told you Brazilian Bounce was a thing, and its dope as fuck?

Taking a cue from the Australians, Brazilian producers have begun to put their own vibes down on the Bounce scene, and the resonance is strong.  Kustomiz3d dropped a prime example on his remix of Beatz Projekted – Speaking Trap, as seen below.  All the elements are there, this track sounds like it’s right at home deep in the heart of Brasil’s underground party scene.

And what the fuck is good.  SCNDL – The Munsta, a huge Melbourne Bounce track getting re-mixed by Brotherhoods.  That’s what’s good, without any doubt.  Producing only the finest in Brazilian Bounce, if you wanna learn how to bounce the bounce Brazilian, press play on the track, and prepare to be slain.

Bounced out yet?  Let’s explore the genre=less/multi-genre’d realm of music at 100 Beats Per Minute, and go get our Sugar Crush on.  Is it Glitch Hop..?  Twerk..?  Drum & Bass..?  We’ll let you decide.  Let this track be your weakness, and let your weakness be perfect.


Got time for one more?  Let’s end it on a funky note.  This Baile Funk Banger is so grooved out, deep, and upbeat.  BRB learning foreign languages for dance music purposes.  With tracks like this dropping, there is no other option. Sany Pitbull & Dj GrandMaster Raphael do an amazing job on their latest for Na Bathalda.

Stay tuned!  Next week we’ve got the finest selections, and all the secret sauce to get your set swingin’.

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Let’s Get Tropical Special Feature: Banned In Cuba


Everything You Need To Know About The Title Of This Article Is Behind This Link


We’re really only covering one of the many things banned in Cuba right now.  So, Let’s Get Tropical.

Today’s feature comes to you from the jungles of Central America, where the culture of Reggaeton music is just as strong as the Dembow in its rhythms. Dolo Latin Prophecy is first on deck, showing us what it’s all about with a BIG tune that will have you jumping out of your seat.  From the second this comes in, you know it’s gonna go hard.  Hard knocking bass.  Airhorns.  Classic beats.  Marijuanas.  Doap vocals.  Free Download!  You probably need this.


A great example of how Reggaeton has progressed, DJ RAUL‘s remix of ‘Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan‘ is almost literally soaked in Tropical vibes, touching on a few genres along the way.  Starting out On a smooth, percussive Dembow, and ending with the same Horns a lot of Twerk music producers are using lately (See #TWRKSDAYZ this Thursday nite for more on that).  This is a funky, house-y tune that deserves your full attention.  808 samples, Flutes, Chopped And Screwed vocals, and all things Tropical.  It’s a nicely Progressive walk through Reggaeton with your best friends.

Another thing about this style is that it’s got its own Dance Competitions.   That’s right,  Dembow Dance Battles.  If you don’t already know, and even if you do; it’s worth watching a few of the vids behind that last link.

Along with these Battles comes a fast style of DJ mixing to accompany each round, which is exactly what this next fire starter is all about.  Mere bars between blends, and a continuous flow throughout the mix, Rubio RD Prod hit the nail on the head with this next blend.  See why below:


That’s it this time around!  Tune in next week for another edition of Let’s Get Tropical, right here on Arntre.

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Get in here, pull up a speaker, and take something off to this.  3 fresh tracks, guaranteed to get that sub woofer pumping.

Every once in a while, a song comes along that DJ need to have in their collection.  One of those tunes that after (or even during) the first listen makes you just know you need to have it.  Dan Farber‘s Bootyzillas is that song.  Simply complex, thizzified, and a certified ass mover; this is the song that gets your next set jumping.


Here at #TWRKSDAYZ, or goal is to get your whole party jackin’ it.  Jukin’ it.  Poppin’ it.  Lockin’ it.  All that.  This next one’s a fresh take on a classic vocal style, very much on a house tip.  Atom Pushers are definitely about that life, and this track is pure sexy evidence of that fact.  Arntre gives this full Bootyzilla status, and our full support.

WTF is this slowing my 100 down to 95 BPM shit all about..?  OH.  THAT’s what it’s about.  CzUR hints at Hardstyle, Swing, Trap, and that Southern swaggeron this genre-breaking composition.  Skip to the 2nd drop, and go apeshit.  Throw your TV out the hotel room window.  Flip the table.  Freak the fuck out to it, basically.  Try not to.  Pretty much impossible.  And for that, it gets straight Bootyzilla status.


Stay tuned for next week’s #TWRKSDAYZ, only on Arntre.

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