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R3K4CE – Anubis (Fryer Remix)

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Out today, an up and coming San Diego based producer, Fryer releases his official remix of “Anubis.” Out on R3K4CE publishing, Fryer hits us with a dubstep banger which is his main forte. After starting out as a house beat, it breaks into a big room edm style build up. Fryer then proceeds to punch you in the mouth with a rip roaring bass filled drop. Big kicks, tight snares and an array of talent showcased by his productions. Fryer has 2 other releases on R3K4CE Publishing, but that is not stopping him from making an impact. He is quickly making a name for himself in the community, playing shows at reputable venues like Bassmnt San Diego. Check out some of his other releases via Soundcloud. 

Tear The House Up [Monsieur Monsieur Remix]

Tear The House Up [Monsieur Monsieur Remix]

It’s like what I have said before, there is nothing quite better than when someone takes an original and (while keeping essences to stay true to the original) makes it into their own.  Monsieur Monsieur, takes Zebra Katz hit and takes it to some BIIIIIIIG room level!  The leads give this industrial house feel but, the kicks and FX touches give a rebirth to this audial monster.  -Roane

The FREE DL is on the Soundcloud link!!!

Magic! – Rude (Zedd Remix)

Zedd Rude remix

Ok so this is a little out of my realm but still, I have to credit to where it’s due!  ZEDD’s remix to Magic!, is truly an uplifting-happy-go-lucky release.  I give it to the guy too, he completely made this into his own image and creature, big-ups sir.  I don’t even need to describe the leads, builds and all; you know how ZEDD rolls lol.  This track will be released on September 2nd, until then…… -Roane