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We have yet another installment of arntre PICKS OF THE WEEK we are featuring some familiar names & some new up and coming names in the music scene.

All new music from Dillon Francis, San Holo, Eptic, Wax Motif, Goshfather & Jinco, Kevin Hunter, Ryan Browne, Zhomek, Aero Chord, Bassthunder. 

Son of Kick, Linden Jay and Kid Sister on “Don’t Stop Get It”

London-based producers Son of Kick and Linden Jay are announcing a new collaborative project Born Dirty this week with the release of their first single “Don’t Stop Get It”, featuring blazing vocals from the one and only Kid Sister. As with all releases on Skrillex’s NEST imprint, Born Dirty’s inaugural release is available for free download via Nest HQ.

Blending elements of Hip Hop via Kid Sister’s tireless flow with tinges of Garage percussion and booming Bassline straight from the UK, Son of Kick and Linden Jay have created a vocal-driven thumper with peak time play set in its crosshairs. On working with Son of Kick and the esteemed Chicago rapper, Linden Jay explains, “Working with Son Of Kick on these new Born Dirty tracks has been a blast. We have such a wide array of influences and when we meet in the middle it’s a lethal combo! And it’s great to have Kid Sister on “Don’t Stop Get It” – her vocals really tie it together as it’s such a quirky/unique instrumental.”

As Melisa Young (aka Kid Sister) has recently launched her new artistic moniker, Jane Jupiter, this collaboration acts as one of the last songs we’ll hear under the Kid Sister moniker for a little while, and NEST is honored to be a part of it.

Let’s Get Tropical: This Week In Jungle Terror


The New Jungle Terror Is Deep And Dirty.

In increasing frequency, Jungle Terror is front and centre when heads get together and talk about emerging genres, and today’s edition of Let’s Get Tropical is no exception.  I’ve hand chosen 5 of the best tunes released this week to make you move your feet, so read on, and get your fix.

I don’t think you’re ready for that fourth and fifth song down yet, so ima start you in Dubai.

Then you gotta make it past this swamp monster of a track…You can’t even get into a conversation about Jungle Terror without this guy’s name coming up.

And to Jamaica, for a re-Work…See what I did there?

The next selection sums it up nicely at 3 minutes in.  Check out the way they flip that vocal sample!

With a side of hard and dirty.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition!  Big things are coming: including an interview with El Cuco Recordings’ own Mendez!

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