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Let’s Get Tropical: Fuck a Lane, Here’s Some Good Music.

This week I’m not selling you on genres, or trying to explain shit. All I want is for you to hear good music, download it, and bump it for yourself, or a crowd.  Basically, whatever you love doing with fresh tracks, do it.

It’s time to start slamming some serious sounds, suckaz.

We slowed down Dutch House, and now we’re speeding up Moombahton. First track compliments of the doods Banginclude & Zee Reach, both veterans of that aforementioned sound. Look for Zee coming from Moombah, and Banginclude sprinkling in some Zouk vibe on the half time breaks. Perfect for your next trip to The Dominican Republic.

Zee Reach:


Ever wonder what happens when Moombahton takes strong amphetamines at the peak of a huge party in a basement full of subwoofers and violins? Wonder no longer. Before you press play (fair warning), you might wanna turn up to 11 or so.

Find these beasts.

Beatz Freq:



Charlie Darker. This man Just dropped a tune that’ll have you feeling like you’re tripping balls sucking DMT out of tropical foliage in a funky uptown war zone. “Don’t believe me just watch!”

Charlie Darker:

And the night goes on! Maxx & EJ nailed so many feels in this one it’s hard to know where to start. The one thing you can be certain of here, though…It’s all good music. This one is dark, funky, House driven, and deep, all at the same time. Don’t operate heavy equipment or hold weapons while you listen to this one.

Maxx & EJ:
Same party, but later. Nadastrom. Have. Found. Good. Molly. Their latest offering is a chilled out, spaced out, six minute journey into the land of extacy, cuddle puddles, and the best weed on earth. Who feels it knows it.

Support the OG Don Daddies of Moombahton, and go find their music. Here; I’ll help you.


Now that you hit that exclusive after party, what’s even left? These boys have the answer right here. When the sun comes up, grab your solo cup.

Meaux Green:

Caked Up:

I’ll be seeing you when we jam next week, bass warriors. Don’t stop the movement.

Send tunes to misterluke@arntrela.com

Win tickets to Badlands Summer Music Festival (Canada)

10447666_10154319460730643_847333364861200939_nAs summer quickly approaches, so does the difficult task of choosing which festivals you’re going to attend followed by the tedious task of planning and preparing the funds and means of travel to get to them all. With this in mind, we thought we would help our western Canadian friends out and even our neighbours down south along the coast with our TOP 5 WESTERN CANADIAN MUSIC FESTIVALS series, showcasing some of our favourite festivals around the Canadian west coast. Coming in at number 5, although only in its second year is Bad Lands Music Festival. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and taking place on the weekend of July 4th-6th. Coinciding with the start of the Largest Outdoor Show On earth the Calgary Stampede, it’s guaranteed to be a very highly attended and energetic event with great people from all over the country. This three day party will take place rain, snow or shine as festivalgoers from last year will attest, no matter the conditions this show will go on. Last years event was Bad Lands Music Festival first year. With headlining acts such as Kaskade, Pretty Lights, Adventure Club, Steve Aoki and Excision too name a few they sure started off with a bang. The 3 day festival went off sending calgarians into a frenzy having never had a locally run and operated festival before. The Periods of massive downpours of rain and Muddy dance floors weren’t enough to slow down the show or energetic crowd which is what turned us onto this wonderful festival and has us super excited for this years event.

This year’s Badlands promises to be everything and more than last years event, as the whole team behind it has worked hard to bring you Calgary’s biggest and best outdoor festival to date. The main stage will consist of a 150, 000 Watt PK sound System which will see the likes of Glitch Mob, Dada Life, Bloody Beetroots, Borgore, Noisecontrollers, DVBBS, The Chain Smokers and Datsik grace it amongst many other international headlining acts. Ontop of the main stage they will also be introducing the: Heineken Future Stage. A new stage to show off the up and coming talents that are soon to take over festivals and headline events all over the world. Featuring acts such as Hot Since 82, Grandtheft, Knight Riderz, and Calgary Locals and top DJ Duo Smalltown Djs, just to name a few.

Set Times:


The festival will take place at Canada Olympic Park, which was used in the 1988 winter olympic games for various winter events such as bobsledding, luge and ski jumping. The festival has capitalized on that this year and are offering up Adrenaline Packages which include a Summer Bobsleigh Ride where the rider and 3 friends will be driven down a professional bobsled track by a professional driver reaching speeds of 100kmh while experiencing 4 G forces as you twist and turn down the full Olympic Tack. For those who are craving to go faster they are also offering a Zip Lining experience where the traveler will reach speeds of 140kmh.

This year Bad Lands is improving everything With the main stage tucked near the bottom of the ski hill facing west, the view of the sunset at night is sure to generate an inspiring and memorable time for everyone and create a priceless background for photographers and sky gazers alike. The second stage is conveniently located in a tent near by making travelling from one stage to the other a breeze and keeping your options available. The festival has provided goers with a layout of the festival below.


The festival will also be offering a complimentary Bus service to all ticket holders. The pick up location is at the Crowfoot C-Train station ( 1860 Scurfield Drive N.W. ) You will be able to catch a ride from the ctrain everyday too the venue between 3pm-7pm and will be able to return to the station between 10pm-1am. (More info on the shuttle here https://www.facebook.com/notes/badlands-music-festival/shuttle-bus-info-badlands2014/792837997416622 ) This and is an 18+ event. Both 3day GA passes are available as well as Single Day GA passes and VIP Passes. To Buy tickets and for ticket pricing go here http://badlandsmusicfest.com/tickets/ ) The venue has on site parking for a daily fee of 20$ with no overnight parking allowed. so take advantage of the shuttles if possible.

Too kick off our TOP 5 WESTERN CANADIAN MUSIC FESTIVALS with a bang Aqua Audio has hooked us up with 2 General Admission tickets for a giveaway. If you would like to enter to win TWO FREE General Admission Passes sign up below. Ticket winners will be announce on Wednesday July 2nd. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the most chances to win.

Havoc Thursday featuring Protohype and Caked Up + Ticket Giveaway

2014-Havoc-jan23The Yost Theater is, yet again, putting on their acclaimed Havoc Thursdays in Santa Ana, CA on January 23rd with two compelling headliners.  The first, Protohype (Max Hype), is a 22-year-old music producer that is predominantly Dubstep, but his tracks are also influenced by Hip Hop, which contributes to what he has declared his music as; a new type of genre called “Dub Hop.”  His “See No Evil” EP, released last year on Firepower Records, features his track “Turn Up the Bass,” which is significant to the Dub Hop (Dubstep/Hip Hop) genre his music acquires.  Protohype is signed to Firepower Records, first established in 2012 by owner Datsik (Troy Beetles).  The two have also worked together and produced  a track called “Murder Style,” which has massive bass and abides to strictly Dubstep.  Protohype has also done some work with other producers like 12th Planet (“Like This”-Protohype & 12th Planet) and ETC! ETC! (“Bad Boy Flow”-Protohype & ETC! ETC!).  Max Hype’s stage name, Protohype, can only mean a successful show at the Yost Theater.  He is a prototype of himself, considering the fact he has created his own genre, and he is original.  Therefore, we can only expect an exceptional performance by the prosperous producer.

The second of the two headliners, are two up and coming EDM producers that team up and call themselves Caked Up.  The duo is comprised of Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger (Jeff Saville), who created Caked Up about a year ago.  The newcomers are predominantly trap producers that focus on beats that will cause a lot of twerking and a lot of bass.  They have released some of their tracks on smaller record labels, but they are not signed to any specific label.  Their original tracks, such as  “Pop That Thang,” “Money in the Bank,” “New School Twist,” are definitely worth checking out, but they also have a special expertise in remixing.  Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger can turn any song of any genre into an EDM tune with trap elements.  They have taken many mainstream songs and remixed them, such as “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, “Royals” by Lorde, “M.A.A.D City” by Kendrick Lamar, “Applause” by Lady Gaga, and more.  Caked Up has recently come out with their remix of Zedd’s “Stay the Night” ft. Hayley Williams from the band Paramore, which has an upbeat tempo that makes anyone want to dance.  Caked Up’s original track, “Ass Down Twerk,” reached #13 on Beatport last year, so we know that these guys are progressing to make it big.  Oscar Wylde has become a sensation on the very popular Vine App with 1 million followers currently, where he asks his followers what they want to hear, and then himself and Vegas Banger remix what the majority of followers ask for.  It seems as though the pair know exactly how to get some publicity, which always makes a show interesting.  Terio, another vine sensation, made a lot of noise with his popular phrase “Ooh kill em,” so Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger decided to create an original remix (Terio—Ooh Kill Em’ Remix) that caught the eye of many music producers, such as 12th Planet, who dropped the track at EDC Orlando.  Caked Up also recently opened a show for Ookay, an amazing trap producer and a Yost Theatre veteran, this month.  Caked Up gives their fans exactly what they ask for, so the outcome of their set will be nothing less than satisfaction.


We have a ticket give-a-way of two free tickets to this event at the Yost Theater (307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA, 92701) on Thursday, January 23rd, so fill out your information below to win.  With Protohype’s unique sound and massive bass and Caked Up’s twerkin’ trap beats, we can only expect the best from these two headliners.  The Yost Theatre never fails to put on an event thanks to White Rabbit Group making it happen.


-Sierra Mirghanbari