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Not Antae – Diplo: The Remixes. Presented by ArntreLA.com.


Your winners are: Dom Bishop, J-1, and Shot For Shot!

If you want in your face Bass Music, look no further.  These remixes of Antae‘s head banger DIPLO will slay your inner bass beast, and have you thinking that you’re Diplo.

The original is already more than you can handle.  It’s different every drop.  It’s Trap.  It’s Techno.  It’s Rap.  It’s Satire.  It’s pretty much everything a DJ wants in a track, and never gets.  Press play and find out why.


Dom Bishop has taken all the cake (well..at least a third of it) with his remix,  that’ll shake your ear drums.  Hella.  Get some of this Trapped out re-work, both grimy and destructive.  Right here.  Classic trap elements and a double time break with that greasy lead are all this one needed to shine above the rest.



Next on deck is J-1, getting dirty, deep, and bass faced, heavy.  So many great elements in this one.  The intro progression lets you know to get ready for something huge.  And then it drops, locks you in…AND THEN IT DROPS AGAIN.  HARD.  We have been slain.



And last but in no way least comes Shot For Shot, with that Twerk vibe that will make your stupid friends go “Damn, that’s my jam tho!”  The way the vocal takes the lead in this one is something not everyone can make happen.  This mix does it well.  Drop the bass and watch the place hit the floor & get low.



Stay tuned for features on Dom Bishop, J-1, and Shot For Shot coming soon to a post near you!  You know what it is.  MisterLuke@ArntreLA.com


To Download the full Remix pack, follow this link.


Preview: Nari & Milani Vs. Maurizio Gubellini – Vago



Nari & Milani have always been supported by big names throughout the years such as the likes of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Sander Van Doorn and more. On Sander Van Doorn’s Identity podcast, he premiered Nari & Milani’s new track including Maurizio Gubellini. This track goes hard with the drum like synths and a gritty bassline and the catchy repetitive “Don’t let the bass catch ya” right before the drop. This song comes out April 8th on Spinnin’ Records so for now enjoy the preview.


-Vast Connection