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Let’s Get Tropical: Gets Spanish.

Tropical TuesdayThis week on Let’s Get Tropical, we get Spanish.

Have you ever been laying around listening to music, heard a beat, and thought “Hey!  I bet this beat would sound good with [insert vocalist’s name here] on it!  And not on some bootleg shit, either.  Like, official remix steez.  This song is all that, and a bag of swag.  Also:  it’s a free 320 DL.

More, you say?  OK.  Sold.  Next on the block, a love song about singing in the bath tub.  Well worth a listen, and playable in the club.

Seriously though, this is the last one.  Zoukishness all over the track.  Vocal heavy.  Lovely.  Free?  Sold.

I lied.

There’s one more, a classic that should not be overlooked.  Ever.  Coming in around 120 BPM, this track is a perfect transition from  mid-tempo up to party music.  Oww.


Let’s Get Tropical.

Featuring Hours of Tropical Bass Mixes From Around The World.

Once a week from here on in, Arntre is bringing you all the Global Bass you need to keep up those sunny vibes, even on rainy days.  My name is Mister Luke, and I’ll be your host on this sizzlin’ trip.

Let’s Dive In.

We’ll start with some warm up music, by way of a Zouk/Kizomba mix from kizomba addiction.  This mix is the perfect chill out/beach tape.  The kind that makes you wanna sip a drink with fruit in it.  Ten minutes in & I was already relaxed and drifty, which is why if you’re into relaxing music, this mix is for you.


Wanna pick it up a little bit?  Us too.  DJ Paki shows Salsa music love on his latest mix, which is sure to please people at any age, from any background.  First listen made us here at Arntre wanna get up, dance, clean the house, and spin our dance partner, all at the same time.  If you didn’t love Salsa music before listening…you probably will after.

Time to Get Dirty.

Ahef is our next featured DJ, with a mix that sets the tone for this next section of our post nicely, blending Kuduro, Cumbia, and more.  Housey, tropical, global as you like, Ahef killed it with this one.  It seamlessly blends traditional rhythms with new school flavour, making it exactly the kind of mix to bring in the night.  Wait…did he just play a Guns & Roses remix…featuring the Sex Pistols..?!  Whoa.  #MUSTLISTEN

This next mixtape (from Club Popozuda) is a prime example of what the tropical underground is headed toward lately.  Featuring Baile Funk, Rasterinha, Favela Trap, and Moombahton, this is a rocker of a set.  You’ll be swaying to this the second that first drop hits, and so will your party, guaranteed.  Heavy, dark, and as aggressive as you can get, pretty much, when it comes to Tropical Bass, this whole set makes you get your thizz face on, hella.


That’s it for this week, loyal readers!  We hope you got your tropical on, and look forward to bringing you all the freshest fire the underground has to offer, every week.  Big love, and don’t hesitate to send promos to misterluke@arntrela.com