Let’s Get Tropical: Gets Spanish.

This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we get Spanish. Have you ever been laying around listening to music, heard a beat, and thought “Hey!  I bet this beat would sound good with [insert vocalist’s name here] on it!  And not on some bootleg shit, either.  Like, official remix steez.  This song is all that, and a bag of swag.  Also:  it’s a free 320 DL. … Continue reading Let’s Get Tropical: Gets Spanish.

Let’s Get Tropical.

Featuring Hours of Tropical Bass Mixes From Around The World. Once a week from here on in, Arntre is bringing you all the Global Bass you need to keep up those sunny vibes, even on rainy days.  My name is Mister Luke, and I’ll be your host on this sizzlin’ trip. Let’s Dive In. We’ll start with some warm up music, by way of a Zouk/Kizomba … Continue reading Let’s Get Tropical.