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Let’s Get Tropical: This Week In Jungle Terror


The New Jungle Terror Is Deep And Dirty.

In increasing frequency, Jungle Terror is front and centre when heads get together and talk about emerging genres, and today’s edition of Let’s Get Tropical is no exception.  I’ve hand chosen 5 of the best tunes released this week to make you move your feet, so read on, and get your fix.

I don’t think you’re ready for that fourth and fifth song down yet, so ima start you in Dubai.

Then you gotta make it past this swamp monster of a track…You can’t even get into a conversation about Jungle Terror without this guy’s name coming up.

And to Jamaica, for a re-Work…See what I did there?

The next selection sums it up nicely at 3 minutes in.  Check out the way they flip that vocal sample!

With a side of hard and dirty.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition!  Big things are coming: including an interview with El Cuco Recordings’ own Mendez!

anything goes to misterluke@arntrela.com

Let’s Get Tropical: Overdue Edition.


Sometimes, You Just Have To Go Out And Live.  Then There Are Those Times When All You Do Is Sit And Feel.  This Is One.

It’s been a crazy month for this writer, working 7 day weeks, and overtime daily.  Don’t worry, though!  We’ve got you covered for Tropical Bass vibes, still.  So.  Now that I’ve cleared the air, Let’s Get Tropical.  This edition is waaaaay overdue, so…How about 17 fresh tracks to make you twist yuh back?!  One from the Man they call StepOne, and 16 badass remixes from our homies Bacondo!  GET SOME.

Something something….LASERS.  PEW PEW!!!  This song is pure jokes, and even contains donald duck samples.  BUT I CAN’T STOP LISTENING!!!

What can I say about this next blast other than it’s fucking amazing.  16 big tunes dropping on your head, everything tropical.

Let’s Get Tropical: Gets Spanish.

Tropical TuesdayThis week on Let’s Get Tropical, we get Spanish.

Have you ever been laying around listening to music, heard a beat, and thought “Hey!  I bet this beat would sound good with [insert vocalist’s name here] on it!  And not on some bootleg shit, either.  Like, official remix steez.  This song is all that, and a bag of swag.  Also:  it’s a free 320 DL.

More, you say?  OK.  Sold.  Next on the block, a love song about singing in the bath tub.  Well worth a listen, and playable in the club.

Seriously though, this is the last one.  Zoukishness all over the track.  Vocal heavy.  Lovely.  Free?  Sold.

I lied.

There’s one more, a classic that should not be overlooked.  Ever.  Coming in around 120 BPM, this track is a perfect transition from  mid-tempo up to party music.  Oww.