Let’s Get Tropical: Fuck a Lane, Here’s Some Good Music.

This week I’m not selling you on genres, or trying to explain shit. All I want is for you to hear good music, download it, and bump it for yourself, or a crowd.  Basically, whatever you love doing with fresh tracks, do it. It’s time to start slamming some serious sounds, suckaz. We slowed down Dutch House, and now we’re speeding up Moombahton. First track … Continue reading Let’s Get Tropical: Fuck a Lane, Here’s Some Good Music.

Los Moombahtoneros: Dj Sabo

“This is something special for you” for this edition of Los Moombahtoneros I bring you none other thank Mr. Sabrosura Funk Dj Sabo. Creator of Sol Selecta Records and Moombahton Massive. DJ SABO is a symbol of the sound we know as Moombahton. When we talk about the music Sabo has released, I think we can call it “World Bass”. He is not afraid to touch every … Continue reading Los Moombahtoneros: Dj Sabo

Kaytranada – At All/Hilarity Duff EP

Kaytranada’s been producing so much fire this year and hes coming out with a new EP that includes two tracks “At All” and “Hilarity Duff”. “At All” sticks to the signature style of bass line and structure and some unique vocal samples as well. His music video shows the female body builders some love, which is good because I’ve never seen a music video that … Continue reading Kaytranada – At All/Hilarity Duff EP