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Moombahton Monthly Round Up #1 🔥


February Moombahton Round Up

Steve Ohh Releases Moombahton: The Compilation

Starting off the comp is El Rey! Desde Nueva York!!! So good to hear Ricky still merking the fucking game! His one of a kind sound design and subtly intricate drums really elevate him to a different existential plain, this the shit they bumping in those 7 New planets Nasa Just Found on Trappstarr-1, we have the technology!!


OG triple OG ETC! ETC! , flipping the fuck out of Celso Piña’s Cumbia Sobre El Rio. ETC! ETC!Just announced a Moombahton Album soon come and released a promo video for it, I can’t wait for this!!

The Cepillo Cuevas track on the Comp is pure fire!!! Holy fuck this kid hailing from Mexico is truly a gem in the genre, deep thumping drums and the right balance of pristine highs to level it out. Those driving bass lines are perfect for the clurbs.

Then we got Yung Yare and Wost with “Fxck Sxrxm” wow this duo right here should really put out more records together. Shit is litter than sound nightclub on a Tuesday (shout out to Spaceyacht ) good stuff dudes!!

My dude from the white north, Antae, bringing some sexy ass flavor to this compilation, that sax says so many things words just can’t. I fuck with this record heavy because it’s different, way to step out of the norm Antae! #MoreSaxophonesInMoombahton2017

My man’s, Di Hell, dropping that “Savage Machoman Returns” joint tho, OMG!! Nombre este chapparro ta tremendo, good to see so many of my Mexican Bretheren releasing so much heat, gawd man , this is so heavy. This one gets

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 out of 5.

Shidd, This whole compilation Gets 5 flames out 5 Flames, outstanding job Steve OHH! (El Papi Dembow) for putting this whole thing together, and shout out to all the homies who contributed Maxx & EJ, Niño Francois, Fake Mustache, Thombs, Manky, Vermillion Bird, Selecta Doc, Kapo, Loud N Dirty, Moombah Kingz, Zues and OG Paul Lee!! I’m sure I’ll be hearing all these tracks rinsed in the club soon, moombahton is here, it never went anywhere but now we stronger than ever ❤️


Check out and download the whole compilation here:

In other Moombah News :

This just came out as I was finalizing this post, The man who started the whole movement Mr. Dave Nada, just dropped this fire mixtape Real Moombahton Hours Pt 1! And Made a Tour Announcement for March.

Listen to the Mixtape and get tour info at the link Below:

Audio Kartel and Metal Jackets got together to make this weapon!

This white gangster edit of a Munchi Remix is straight flamey, I love this guy he’s got his own sound and it’s always lit shout out to WG, keep throwing gasolina on the decks.

Godwonder hits us with “La Vecina”, Selegna Records is slowly building a hell of a roster which is evident with Godwonder, this track is flames and got some Mastering treatment from the Godfather himself. IDK whats in the water in the Holland but they def got the sauce.

Washiwasha, another producer from Mexico, wow you guys are killing it i’m proud of every single one of you!!! Anyways he flipped that track that Munchi made for the Bubbling Bandje 64 documentary, which I still haven’t seen if anybody got a link to it be sure to leave it in the comments, anyways Washi flips the sh*t out of it and it’s been in my sets lately. *Lit emoji*

LA Sound and Cannibal – LA 23

this track is fucking Lit!!!!

Henry Fong smashes this one

Dat Dude Innobass Kills this remix!!

Lastly(Not Moombahton) but fire regardless Polybiu$ with this sizzling Baile Funk Joint, thick in all the right places WOW🔥🔥🔥

Aight y’all das it for now, catch me here next month for more fresh ass moombah and global bass (;

Eddie Flores














And that’s all I’ve gotta say about that.



shortsIt’s Hot.  It’s breezy.  It’s new JSTJR, new AMB Beats, new DJ Mike R, new Moduloktopus, and new Peacethefvckout.  There is no way you could go wrong with this post playing while you soak up some tropical sun. Who knows, maybe if you play these previews on repeat, the artists might release them sooner..?  Either way, show these homeys some love.  Get your shortys on BAE.  Let’s Get Tropical.

Big things coming once again from the man called JSTJR on his latest, as posted on Soundcloud.  This guy is relentless with his productions, always bringing that tempo down so you can get your sexy party on, wherever you are (even the bus).  It sounds like Rasterhina and twerk had a baby, and named it ‘JSTJR – Party‘.  Heads are going to roll, and asses are going to drop to the ground when this comes out, no question about it.


The name of AMB Beats‘ latest song  says it all:  ‘Made In China‘.  A playful romp through a very newschool Chinese sounding melody, we can’t wait for the full version of this to drop.  It’s even got 808 drums like we like.  Right in line with that tropical trap vibe, the flute in this song really sets the whole thing off, and more than nicely.

 Oh, a pair of shorts wasn’t enough?  How about one more, and a fresh pair of full versions on the side.

For the last preview of the day, we head over to visit DJ MiKE R, and sample some sounds sourced from serious skill sets.  Tropical?  You know it.  From the beat on up to the monkey call, right to the second that synth lead hits, it’s nothing but spine hair tingling anticipation.  If you’re not already dead by the time the beat drops, you will be after.  Send this man a message, and tell him you want the full version A.S.A.P.

Our first full version comes to us from Moduloktopus, blending crazy pitched up vocals, Dembows, Dubstep, Breaks, and more, this tune is pure hype.  It’s reminiscent of old UK Hardcore songs and Juke, but definitely has more of a modern spin on it than anything else.  Not only is it hype as fuck by nature, IT HAS A SOLO.  When is the last time you heard a keyboard solo in a dance music track?  It feels like these guys are on to this whole renaissance thing, heavily.  Playful, free spirited, and a killer combination of fast and slow, this song makes us happy.


Wait tho…What day is it..?  IT’S MOOMBAHTON MONDAY.  In honour of that, PEACETHEFVCKOUT just (about an hour a go) put out a bad ass banger of a Moombahton beast.  That lead…Where have I heard a lead like that before..?  OH YEAH.  New life for a classic synth on this latest sonic offering from one of the dopest of the dope up and comers. All the artists we’re posting are, though, Obviously.


Don’t stop dancing, and stay tuned for next week’s edition!

You can always send a message over to tropicaluke@arntrela.com, and it’ll be answered quick fast.  Let’s talk tropical. 😉