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Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare “EDM Nights Recap” + DirtyLoud Interview

robRob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare is everything you’d expect from the Master of Weird himself; roaming firespitters, ogres with chainsaws, cracked out clowns, and that’s what you get from just walking around the venue. Once you gather enough courage to hit the horror mazes you are literally greeted with darkness in the form of a execution style veil over your face and your journey begins. Once your face covering is removed, you witness some of the most cutting edge 3-D visuals, roaming monsters as well as mechanical horror contraptions. The maze takes your ability to decipher reality from unreal and makes for a truly suspenseful voyage. if it so happens that being scared sh*tless doesn’t quite fit your preferences, you can still have an electrifying time in the makeshift concert hall at the Fairplex. This past weekend we were blessed with 3 solid dj sets that provided the party to accompany the horror. We kicked off the night serenaded by the Daft Punk tribute done by One More Time, simply put this set was nothing short of mesmerizing, absolutely murdered the opening hours of the night. Following up the nostalgic initial set, DIRTYLOUD, came out for the follow-up and gave us no reason to doubt why he is one of Brazil’s most talented musical exports (keep reading for exclusive arntrela interview after his Friday performance). DJ Blend capped off the night with a set that validated his headlining position complete with his own go-go’s, t-shirt guns and liquid ice, he succeeded in establishing an all out rave at the Fairplex. Not to be forgotten, were the variety of booths set up, including the heavily growing G-Pen brand, doing their best getting everyone on the vape life, a production quality green screen photo booth that simulates murder scenes starring you and your friends as well of plenty of Rob Zombie and classic band merch were readily on hand at their own respective booths. definitely worth the trek to Pomona, also not a bad idea to stop by the neighboring Oktoberfest festival before or after you commit to the total Rob Zombie experience. 2 thumbs up.


1. What are your weapons of choice when creating tracks?

Digital audio work, Massive, Vengwars, Reverbs, and Valhalla

2. What is your favorite instrument to incorporate into your music?

Piano, def favorite sound to hear on tracks

3. Give me a couple of Ditrtyloud approved producers that are killing it right now

Charlie Darker And James Egbert are worth checking out

4. What do you currently have on the way?

Upcoming project called Messinian coming out soon,

fun fact: Dirtyloud will be featuring some of his own original vocals on Messinian.

5. Four words to describe Dirtyloud’s sound

Passion, Technique, Good Music

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-Dee Wash

Great American Nightmare EDM nights featuring Doctor P, Zomboy, DirtyLoud, Destroid, Dirtyphonics and more

GANEDMPosterThe Great American Nightmare, taking place every Friday from October 10th to November 2ndRob Zombie has invited the crème da le crème of the EDM scene for a series of mind-blowing shows under the night sky.

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare is the ultimate Halloween music and horror event!!! Showcasing three terrifying haunted houses; Lords Of Salem In Total Black Out, The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto 3D, and Haunt Of 1,000 Corpses as well as featuring concerts from various artists and genres each night.

“If you are easily scared or offended go to a f*cking amusement park.”

Tickets for Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare are available now starting at $30. Each ticket includes access to all haunted house attractions, concerts and the Bloody Boulevard activities. Available for purchase at www.GreatAmericanNightmare.com