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CLUB HEAT 0015: DJ SLiiNK, Uniiqu3 (EP), Jayhood, Hotrod, DJ Tray, Jakkz, Hydef, $Jayy, DJ Dru, DJ Tiga (GEMS and Remixes)

I know its been a while, but don’t for a second think we left or took our eye off Jersey Club. Jersey is a staple genre to today’s dance music culture world wide. For today’s Club Heat we’re bringing you some fire ass remixes that dropped through out time. A long with a few GEMS that leaked via Sound Cloud. Not to mention our girl Uniiqu3 just dropped her new EP ‘ Phase 3′. Play it loud, tell us what you think.









Club Heat 0013: Gangsigns, Bass Blowers, DJ Taj, Hotrod, DJ Tray, DJ Diamond Kuts

Jersey Club continues to roll strong throughout the US and the world. Hot Rod (Cartel Music), Bass Blowers, DJ Taj (New Jersey), and Gangsigns (Portland) are definitely names that are changing the game. Although most artists are credited for their original work, you can’t deny that the following Jersey Club remixes aren’t fire as fuck. Hotrod’s remix of Drake  is over a year old, yet, I’ve never heard a dj play it anywhere in L.A. DJ Taj has a series of remixes, but his 21 Savage remix (with DJ Diamond Kuts) is chopped to perfection. I enjoyed Gangsigns’ remix of Hudson Mohawk’s ‘Very First Breath’ (it released a month ago). A track titled “444 + 222” by DJ Tray (Cartel Music) and Hotrod was leaked some time last year. Until now, no one knows the official title, nor release  date, or any info on this track. Some rumors had it that DJ Sliink was involved. Either way, you can stream all the tracks below. Let us know what you think.