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Let’s Get Tropical: Fuck a Lane, Here’s Some Good Music.

This week I’m not selling you on genres, or trying to explain shit. All I want is for you to hear good music, download it, and bump it for yourself, or a crowd.  Basically, whatever you love doing with fresh tracks, do it.

It’s time to start slamming some serious sounds, suckaz.

We slowed down Dutch House, and now we’re speeding up Moombahton. First track compliments of the doods Banginclude & Zee Reach, both veterans of that aforementioned sound. Look for Zee coming from Moombah, and Banginclude sprinkling in some Zouk vibe on the half time breaks. Perfect for your next trip to The Dominican Republic.

Zee Reach:


Ever wonder what happens when Moombahton takes strong amphetamines at the peak of a huge party in a basement full of subwoofers and violins? Wonder no longer. Before you press play (fair warning), you might wanna turn up to 11 or so.

Find these beasts.

Beatz Freq:



Charlie Darker. This man Just dropped a tune that’ll have you feeling like you’re tripping balls sucking DMT out of tropical foliage in a funky uptown war zone. “Don’t believe me just watch!”

Charlie Darker:

And the night goes on! Maxx & EJ nailed so many feels in this one it’s hard to know where to start. The one thing you can be certain of here, though…It’s all good music. This one is dark, funky, House driven, and deep, all at the same time. Don’t operate heavy equipment or hold weapons while you listen to this one.

Maxx & EJ:
Same party, but later. Nadastrom. Have. Found. Good. Molly. Their latest offering is a chilled out, spaced out, six minute journey into the land of extacy, cuddle puddles, and the best weed on earth. Who feels it knows it.

Support the OG Don Daddies of Moombahton, and go find their music. Here; I’ll help you.


Now that you hit that exclusive after party, what’s even left? These boys have the answer right here. When the sun comes up, grab your solo cup.

Meaux Green:

Caked Up:

I’ll be seeing you when we jam next week, bass warriors. Don’t stop the movement.

Send tunes to misterluke@arntrela.com

Wild Wednesday Roundup #1

WIld Wednesday Part #1

All these tracks, in one way or the other, are WILD! I went ahead and wrapped up this week’s round up in a nice .zip file for you. Much<3. Enough reading, now go listen!

Download .zip HERE.


1) Bobby Shmurda – Hot Nigga (Hammo Sung Remix)

2) Rick Ross – Sanctified (Ricky Vaughn X Maxx & EJ Rework)

3) Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf – House Party (2Deep Remix)

4) Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit (Ayo! & Awsumo Remix) ØØØ

5) Charlie Darker – Dun Do It (FlipN’Gawd VIP Remix)

6) The Weeknd – Often (Ape Drums Remix)

7) Jerrih Charlson – Dagger Pants (BEATDEM)

8) Nash One & Mike Cervello – Murda (Wiwek Remix)

9) Stoltenhoff – Chicken Anthem (Original Jump Mix)

10) Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF- Pop That Shit


-Sloth Serve