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LAEDM Radio Ep 003


Hello everyone! We are back for yet another edition of Arntre presents: LAEDM Radio, Episode three. Los Angeles Electronic Dance Music Radio. For episode three, we bring you a very new and exciting, up and coming producer from London. Patrick Denny, A.K.A. “D-DOTS” is only 16 years old but is already making some noise. Patrick began producing in mid 2012 and has already put out 3 releases through respected labels Moombahton veteran label El Cuco Recordings, and Multiplier’s eclectic Relentik Records. He has gained recognition from major blogs such as Do Androids Dance, Mad Decent, Generation Bass and Moombah+. D-Dots has also gained support from well know artists such as Walshy Fire (Major Lazer), Nadastrom, Sav (formerly of Sazon Booya), Astronomar, 2 Deep and The R.O.A.R. Keep your ears open for this kid in the coming months and enjoy 
 You can listen to the mix tape on soundcloud below, or you can jam on over to the iTunes store under podcast and look up  “LAedm Radio” 

2014 EDC Las Vegas Line Up


Never ceasing to generate hype for his parties, Insomniac CEO Pasquale kept us all on our toes waiting til the very last moment to release the line up For Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas Line up. At last its finally here, now tell us what you think…

New Artist Spotlight: Midnight Smack


For today’s new artist spotlight we would like to introduce to you Nick Siamas. The Pleasanton born and Los Angeles based DJ/Producer is known for his futuristic trip hop sound that has caught the attention of many. Before he was even born Siamas parents knew they had a musical prodigy on their hands, not from his mother’s womb, but by smashing his way out of their stereo speakers. It was at that moment, holding an 8-track cassette deck and a midi keyboard that he faced his musical destiny head on. Now composing under the name, “Midnight Smack,” Siamas is experimenting with new styles and genres like Bill Nye the Trip Hop Guy. Having built a big reputation in the San Luis Obispo area and Los Angeles area as a premier talent, Midnight Smack will definitely not disappoint with his projects and performances.

Here’s our personal favorite tune by Siamas:

Be sure to keep up with this talent as he is working on new projects soon to be released. Experimenting with different sounds and genres are sure to bring the best out of Midnight Smack.