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Jesse Slayter – I Killed Jesse EP

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Out on DEVOiD Records, the debut album from Jesse Slayter. Recently featured on Arntre Radio, Jesse follows up with a nice infusion of EDM and rock n roll creating a whirlwind experience of sounds. Jesse Slayter collaborated with several talented artists including G-Buck, Rae Okino & Fleshcassette.

The album titled, “I Killed Jesse,” encompasses different styles of house music ranging from house to future bass to funk to experimental to a 80’s style sort of pop synth and even drum n bass. Jesse Slayter shows his versatility as an artist in this release. It has high energy festival tracks type tracks and mellow tracks to just sit down and chill to. Jesse Slayter celebrates his love for rock n roll in some of the sounds chosen for this album.

Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – Illectric EP

Westwood presents the ‘ILLectric EP’ from The Funk Hunters and founding Jurassic 5 member, Chali 2na. This team has been collaborating and touring together internationally for over 2 years, however ‘ILLectric’ is their first official studio release. Illectric blurs the lines between HipHop and Electronic Dance Music. The EP features five original songs and a few special guests. I first discovered Funk Hunters this past summer at Shambhala music festival after my camp mates at Camp Stranger Danger raved about them. They deliver both on their live sets & original productions. Most importantly, they know how to handle a proper party. Hopefully we get to see them in Southern California sometime soon.