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Straight to the point; Otto Von Schirach just destroyed a whole cave full of Dragons, Knights, Illuminati Bronies, and Masked Princesses.


That’s right, even the princesses.  His first few mixes are trippy, and lead you into the performance, preparing you for some straight freakiness.

He proceeds to warn the crowd they’re about to travel to parts unknown, glitching out the vocals hard, and blending them seamlessly with the tracks.

Like only true Masters of Ceremonies can.  Live vocals during this whole performance make the whole thing so much more entertaining to watch, it’s hard to even look away from.

Did we mention the cameo from the one eyed Screamo Crow?

There are so many different aspects to this performance, you can tell a lot of love went into creating it.  It’s more than a DJ set, it’s an art piece.  The music, the vibe, the hype…all timeless.

And Wait…What?

23 Minutes in he goes complete caveman, bringing the listener/viewer/party straight back to the time of the Dinosaurs, with an absolutely huge Moombahcore slammer, and again back to that oldschool hip hop/bass vibe for a sec…Right before he starts rapping in Spanish over it?

Oh.  I see what he did there.

It was a set up!

Pretty sure no one expected him to blend into Tropical Bass.

This set is full of surprises.

My heart goes out to the booties of the dancers the next morning, because Otto goes hard.  Like…Real Hard.

A lot of the time, he’s not beat matching, but no one cares.  This man is a rock God.  More than that, he is a certified Miami made Bass God.

How the Hell did he just switch over to playing trap?  Wait, is that another Breakbeat?  No, wait…it’s…Proto Jungle?

Booty breaks?

Boiler Room’s write up was right when they called it “…a universal brain-cue from the Bermuda Triangle straight to Berlin… it’s Otto Von Schirach opening port-holes in Boiler Room and out to the universe.”


Shit.  Yours.  Don’t lose it.  The next couple of blends are some scary Gabber-esque Breakcore that could cause a lung to implode, given the right set of conditions, but don’t worry.  He gets back to the Miami Bass soon.

You’ve done enough brain work for now, though.  It’s time to stop reading.  Press play, strap yourself in, and prepare yourself for a freaky journey through bass, Otto Von Schirach style.

And if your craving this in your stereo, the whole thing is available to download, free of charge via Boiler Room’s official website.

Deadmau5 says “Miami has Redeemed itself”

WRE_1045Just days ago Joel Zimmerman, or better known as his stage name Deadmau5, performed what might have been his most anticipated set to date.  It all started just a few weeks ago, when Deadmau5 played a sold out show at South Beach’s trendy Club Mansion, and to his disgust was angered by the fact that many individuals in the front row of the club were glued to their smartphones rather than being into his performance, while his ‘true fans’ were stuck in the back.  Angered by this, reports even state that Deadmau5 ended his set early and he took to Twitter and Instagram to declare “I won’t be playing any more Miami clubs.”

Just days later in an effort to save Miami’s reputation, Club Space intervened and wrote a letter to Deadmau5 acknowledging his frustrations and extending him an invitation for Miami to redeem itself.  They offered to fly Deadmau5 out with a $25,000 budget, put him in a 5 star hotel of his choice, and throw a free show at their legendary club venue for all his fans.  As quickly as Club Space posted the letter, Deadmau5 responded that he was in, and just needed to be advised of the date.  The show was originally set for Club Space, but because of space capacity it was moved to their sister venue, The Ice Palace which holds a comfortable 4,000 attendees. Registration for the free tickets, which had a fee of $1 that was donated to the Miami children’s hospital, went on sale January 28th and sold out within 1 minute.


The big day had finally arrived, and thanks to Vanessa over at GFE management, who provided 2 guest passes to the sold out show, I was able to experience this most anticipated show.  When I arrived the lines to get in were around the block, as eager fans waited to get searched, and have their tickets scanned.  Many fans were standing outside the venue trying to buy spare tickets off people as they walked to get in line, and because I had went to the show alone, I decided to help a fellow fan out.  I saw an older male standing alone asking for tickets, and asked him if he needed a ticket.  When he replied that he did in fact need a ticket, I responded by saying it was his lucky day, and that I was going to get him into the show. We walked right in, bypassing the long line, and security, thanks to the guest passes.  As we entered the Ice Palace, he offered to buy me a drink for the gesture, and then we parted ways.  Deadmau5 went on just a little before 1am which led me to believe that he was going to play a short set, however, to my disbelief, he went on to play until the venue closed at 5am.  Out of several times that I have seen Deadmau5 perform, this is definitely his longest set.  His set which included ‘FML’ as his opener, ‘Sometimes Things Get Complicated’, ‘Ghosts n Stuff’, to closing with the hit classic, ‘I Remember’.  Stopping 2-3 times during his set to exchange a few words with his fans, Deadmau5 seemed to be enjoying playing for his fans, even jokingly saying he was tired halfway through his set, then exclaiming he’ll go until 5am.


Photo Credit to: Seth Browarnik/World Red Eye

Overall, it was a great show, in which Deadmau5 himself took to Twitter shortly after his set at 5am and posted … “Miami has redeemed itself. Yay! Good times.”

-Carlos Hernandez

deadmau5 returns to Miami for a Free Show

21b92853-e14b-48ec-96e9-7420fd6c66beWorld renowned electronic music producer deadmau5 will return to Miami this winter for a free show. Presented by ampm presents and Jedi Kollective, the 21+ event will take place February 15 at the Ice Palace in downtown Miami.

A sprawling, 60,000 square foot studio and warehouse space, the Ice Palace creates the perfect venue for this all-access showwith a capacity for 4,000 guests. For more information please visit icepalace.wantickets.com.

At the top of the New Year after a show in South BeachMiamideadmau5 voiced his grievance about his booking which catered to a VIP/table crowd. Club Space, one of the leading venues in the city, took to its Twitter inviting the famed electronic music producer to return to the city to perform a free show that they would sponsor, so his fans could see him in the way he intended.

Dear Joel deadmau5

We read with great interest about your recent show in Miami, and your concerns about fans being placed in the back of the venue while trust fund kids paid premium prices to be placed in front of the DJ booth…

We would like to extend an invitation for you to make these fans happy by hosting a free show for them at our legendary venue, Space. We will extend complimentary admission to all your fans and they will be able to enjoy your music on our huge dance floor without trust fund kids or anything else between you and them.

Space will cover your expenses up to $25,000 for your choice of private plane and five-star hotel so that you can come down and give your fans the opportunity to see you for free and experience you up close, the way you intended.

Please give your fans and Miami another opportunity to show you just how great this city is to perform in and how much we love having you here.



Putting his fans first, deadmau5 promptly responded yes.

We will be covering the event thru our instagram page @arntreLA #LAedm follow us.