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Freak EP – DuckworthSound


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.46.12 PMDuckworthSound, dropped his new EP today titled “Freak” out on Insomniac and In/Rotation records. This EP features 3 new fire tracks from our pal from across the pond. He recently teased us as a guest on Arntre Radio & we have been patiently waiting for this one to drop ever since. DuckworthSound does not disappoint either. Showcasing a variety of styles, we see how talented he is as a producer. You can stream it here on his soundcloud account below.

D-DOT’s Drops New EP: FAYA

FAYA Cover

Yesterday, straight out of London UK, we got to see the release of D-Dots‘ new self released EP entitled “FAYA.” Now, let me be the first to say, this 4 track EP pretty much speaks for itself and that it is indeed fire. If you are a fan of tropical rhythms, bass, tribal drums and Caribbean sounds, then this is definitely worth checking out. My absolute favorite track from this one is “Wiki.” The track boasts a tribal drum circle vibe worthy of the Rainbow family. The Track “Play That,” is a faster paced tribal dancehall feel to it. There is seriously something for everybody on this track. D-Dots has been putting in a lot of work over that past year to find his sound. Over the summer he made a commitment to himself by finishing a 1 track per week. As the summer progressed, Patrick began to find his sound. You might find his music playful & energetic, an accumulation of Carnival music, Dancehall & Baile funk. A true node to the energy of the tropics.

YOU can support D-Dots by downloading his EP HERE

Oh & by the way, he is also giving away a gang of tracks off his SOUNDCLOUD page that is also fire.





Been out for a good minute but I’m back and ready to blast you guys with that sweet Moombah sound once again. This edition of Moombahton Monday we will be featuring the party to be over at WMC……Moombah Mansion! This event has a huge lineup of Moombahtonistas and Global Bass producers that will bring the heavy bass to Miami that night. We are going into the depths of their Sundcloud pages and showing you what to expect over at Moombah Mansion. See you next week and make sure to drop a like or follow on the producer pages out there…… MOOMBAHTON PARA SIEMPRE!


Let’s start off with that ignorant bass freak known to the world as Happy Colors, this guy has been busy of of late spreading that Ignorant Bass to the world Tooooooooooomaaaaaaaa!


Up next we have BIG MAKK 1/3 of the Moombah Mafia and a very talented producer out of Florida. With a mixture of sounds and a title of one of the Original Moombatonistas, The Makk is definitely going to bring the house down.





The Bass Beast from the East known as JSTJR has many weapons of bass destruction to murder the event. This kid is one of the top producers of the EDM era [my opinion]. I dare you to press play.



Next we have Lemony Snickettes, their sound is a party waiting to happen. Check out their tunes here!!



The LocoMotive era may have ended but their Moombahton sound will live forever! Thank you guys for the amazing production you guys put on the table. Catch them one last time over at Moombah Mansion!


Choppa Dunks is so next level, the sound he delivers is on always point. I would love to catch one of his sets, so make sure you make it over to Moombah Mansion for me.



You know I’ts going to get crazy once the Moombah Mafia gets a hold of Moombah Mansion. The creators of the Church of Twerk are going to work their magic that night.


I can’t put into words how huge the sound of KRUMM is, he has been on my top producer list for a good minute now.




The homie DJ Duro will show Miami how its done that night!!







The homie Naybr will tear a new one to the Mansion I know for sure.







For more information on Moombah Mansion click here!