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As a fan of music, living in Los Angeles is a luxury. You have a chance to see so many new artists and movements before they get popular, and to be a part of any one of them is a beautiful feeling. AC Slater, along with many DJs of a similar sound, have put together a monthly event that consists of a mixture of future house, UK garage, and “wobbles”.

We here at the arntreLA have been huge fans of the Night Bass event since the inaugural event in January of 2014, with Christian Martin as their headliner. Its great to see where this label has gone and where their bass heavy music is taking them.

Centered in the middle of Hollywood at Sound Nightclub, Night Bass has become one the venues most popular events. Instead of focusing on LED walls and flashing strobe lights, the party focuses on the music itself, and homage to what clubs were like in the 90s. Night Bass is a time portal to club nights with the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Mercer as music selectors.

Over the last year and a half, that party has manifested itself into a record label, and an EP, called This is Night Bass Volume 1. Hopefully this is the beginning of many albums to come and a reminder of what good music in clubs used to sound like. The album features 3 tracks by El Capitan, AC Slater, as well as a few other DJs, some that have played the event: Chris Lorenzo, Jack Beats, Petey Clicks, DJ Q, Jay Robinson, GotSome, and Taiki Nulight.

AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo – Fly Kicks:  A bouncey, bass-heavy track with samples of what sounds very much like the Notorious BIG. Chris Lorenzo, part of the Dirtybird crew in SF, brings his UK garage influences on this song, a theme that you hear a lot throughout the album.

Jack Beats – Wild Fire: The song starts with a very mellow introduction followed by low hitting beat drop, similar to one of their most recent tracks, One Love. The guys have taken a step back  style-wise from the tracks they made earlier in their careers, such as the well known “Get Down”, a classic by many standards.

AC Slater & Petey Clicks – Got Damn: Do you know what permanent stank face is? It’s the face you make you hear this track by AC and Petey Clicks. The track itself has a much groovier bass line, and is one of our favorites.

DJ Q – Madness: The first track on this album with female vocals  and it’s a beautiful one. The song’s bassline follows the DNA of many Night Bass parties and his drum lines is very much UK garage. Great track.

Jay Robinson – Gloom: Uh oh, there goes that stank face again. Jay hits us with the meanest and dirtiest bass line in the album, and follows it with one of the slower beat per minute tracks in the EP.

AC Slater & Gotsome: Alright AC, you have to send us the MASSIVE settings used to make the lead in this track. Very groovy track with a futuristic bass line. The foreign vocals used on the track are a refreshing change from the rest of the album and shows AC’s wide range of talents. It teeters along the lines of being a G-House track. Kudos to Mr. Slater and GotSome.


Taiki Nulight – Check Out Time: this is one our favorite producers and DJs that we’ve had a chance to see grace the decks at Night Bass. His instagram is a calalouge of great tracks he’s been working on, and this one itself doesn’t disappoint. As one a the more laid back songs in the album, Check Out Time is a a great closer to the album that leaves you wanting Volume 2.


Overall, the Night Bass EP gives you a glimpse of the event that you MUST go to. They recently Hosted their own stage EDC Las Vegas check out some of the behind the scenes photos by our very own Danny Trejo 😀 

-Henry (Room228)

Jack Beats “One Love” remix + Smirnoff Mini-Doc

563942_400735079939114_596829793_nSmirnoff Sound Collective has been putting together short clips on different artists to give fans an inside look at their lives in a new series called “There & Now”. This behind-the-scenes episode captures an up-close-and-personal gaze at Jack Beats, and heads to LA to talk to the British DJ duo about their inspirations, humble beginnings, and how their music has developed since signing with Skrillex’s OWSLA label.

Jack Beats has also announced their One Love Remixes EP coming May 12th on OWSLA, highlighting some local talent from the UK. Bristol duo GotSome brings a hearty house remix to the table, Leeds underground duo Mak & Pasteman turned the track into a hybrid sitting somewhere between house and techno, and Jack Beats themselves are offering up an instrumental mix of the original “One Love”.