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123MRK Boiler Room Party DJ Set


123MRK’s plays a genre considered as “Jersey Club” which I’ve recently been getting into. The best way I can describe it is that its similar to trap music except its at around 135(sometimes all the way up to 160 BPM) and its very chopped up. Some other artists that exemplify this style are DJ Yolo Bear, DJ Hoodboi, and Trippy Turtle. 123 MRK’s transitions are on point and with unique sounds that I’ve never heard before it definitely grabs your attention through out.

Wale – Bad (Sliink Booty Bounce Remix) [Free Download]


The Jersey Club king DJ Sliink released this massive banger on his Soundcloud account just a few days ago. After doing my research on Jersey Club music, I’ve collected quite a bit of it in these past couple of weeks. Lets face it, a lot of dance music can get pretty repetitive, there will always be room for new bangin’ sound. I get a kick out of jersey simply because its not ¬†your typical house tempo. This stuff really turns up after 130 bpm, some tracks reach the hight of 139 to 140 bpm, which enable it to mix through Trap and Hip Hop tempos. Be sure to cop a free download below on Sliink’s Soundclound, Cheers.