Jesse Slayter – I Killed Jesse EP

Out on DEVOiD Records, the debut album from Jesse Slayter. Recently featured on Arntre Radio, Jesse follows up with a nice infusion of EDM and rock n roll creating a whirlwind experience of sounds. Jesse Slayter collaborated with several talented artists including G-Buck, Rae Okino & Fleshcassette. The album titled, “I Killed Jesse,” encompasses different styles of house music ranging from house to future bass … Continue reading Jesse Slayter – I Killed Jesse EP

Jesse Slayter Exclusive Mix: Arntre Radio Ep 009

Arntre Radio Episode 009 w/ Jesse Slayter It is Thanksgiving weekend & we have plenty to be thankful about here at ArntreLA. Hopefully every single one of you had an awesome Thanksgiving as well. One of the things we are thankful for all the wonderful artists that have been guests on Arntre Radio. Episode 009 has officially dropped as our special Thanksgiving episode and we … Continue reading Jesse Slayter Exclusive Mix: Arntre Radio Ep 009

Picks of the week 0021

Hello again, the holidays are upon us and we have another rendition of Picks of the Week where our team hand selects tracks that are absolutely killing it. The first track we have for you is a special track by Mr. Carmack featuring Gladiator called ‘Justicia Ahora,’ or Justice Now for you non Spanish speakers. This track also has a good cause as 100% of … Continue reading Picks of the week 0021