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Let’s Get Tropical: Hot, Fresh, And Ready To Bump.

Welcome back to the feature, heads!  This week on Let’s Get Tropical we scour the globe for all the dopest grooves, and serve them up hot, fresh, and ready to bump.

Tasty beats, all day.  That’s why we’re here.  Let’s dig in.

Definiely street, but far from street meat, our first course appetizer comes from Happy Colors, a tune rich in culture, like yoghurt.  Combining /trap, Twerk, and Zouk Bass rarely sounds this good.

Ready for the second course?

In honour of Steve Ohh bringing back Moombahton Mondays, this meal is soaked in Dembows.  Kapo just can’t stop cooking, and his latest creation is definitely a sizzler.  MOOMBAHTON!


Was that not fucking delicious?  Do you love the taste of Dembow in the morning?  We over here at Arntre definitely do.  Who is SΛNDL♂T, and what does it taste like?  It’s spicy.  Spicy like peppers, Moombahton, or a punch in the face.  Guarantee you’re gonna be hearing more from this NYC monster.

Main course?  Dank.  Check this out:  The Man Dazed Dog is back, and sounding stronger than ever, dropping an entire EP on you, and letting  you have it free of charge.  It’s called fusion, and one listen through will let you know exactly why.  Taking Juke and Footwork to a whole other level, Dazed Diggy just brought you the future, today.  Grab it while you can!


Who knew Dembow was also a dessert food..?  Destro KILLA of French Ploynesia, that’s who!  Saved this sweet beast for last, because it’s just the kinda thing to jam to after you get a belly full.  The entire soundscape is pure syrup, so loosen your belt and eat this beat up, before it eats you!


Alright stop.  This soon-to-be classic edit might give you a heart attack.  Never underestimate the power of a good producer, they have the ability to make the old new again, create content that turns classics into current, relevant, jaw dropping songs.  I’m just gonna leave this here and let it speak for itself…


If you have something you’d like featured on Let’s Get Tropical, send it over to misterluke@arntrela.com


Let`s Get Tropical Special Feature: Gianni Marino ft. Mahesa Utara & Goldy – Gokill! Official Video/Beatport release

This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we feature a killer video/release from Gianni Marino ft. Mahesa Utara & Goldy.

From cosplay to mid-song transitions and pre-song texting, everything about both this video and the corresponding track are representative of what’s happening right now in the Global Bass scene.  It starts out with a standard issue Dembow beat, and hits you fast with a sexy vocal build, transitioning into all the lazers, party, chops, and samples you could ask for.

Right about when the vocal hits, so do the Indonesian sucias on the video side.  Lowriders, motorcycles, dancers…Why would you not watch this on repeat?  We can’t think of any reason not to, every time there’s something new to see (Was that a Mario costume?).  Also, pretty sure at 2:40 you can see a girl used as a human workout tool.  And wait..what’s this at 3:40?  OH, it’s a dope transition into some trapped out bass music.  COOL.

The video looks like it tells the story of just about every [good] underground dance party that ever happened, but it does it in a playful way, giving you a taste of what scene life is like in Indonesia.  If you got through reading all of this before you hit play, good on ya.  Even if you didn’t…We’re  happy to share this tune, and have no problem giving it our full support.


It’s already out on beatport, and hits iTunes May 19.  Go get it!

And if you want to be featured on Let’s Get Tropical, send a message over to misterluke@arntrela.com