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Wuki – Let Me Go ft. PRXZM (Out Now)

Most recently  Wuki dropped a new original “Let Me Go” ft. PRXZM. The track is a mix of new school sounds with a little bit of old school style. Personally I think it has more of a INOJ feel. Soft vocal chops, tied together with  kicks and claps arranged in a hearty style. Wuki threw down at our Certified party. Better yet, Wuki did a back-to-back set alongside Astronomar. Shoutout to everyone all the DJs that came through! (R3LL, Awsumo, Swoops, Peacethefvckout, Arsnl, and LMNOP). If you this past Certified party be sure to keep up with us here. We’re back at The Lash Thursday, April 13th.



Saint & UNiiQU3 – “Yo (I’m Lit)” Out now on Main Course

Saint and UNiiQU3 might have a fair bit of geographical distance between them, but the two musicians are good buddies, having worked together in the past. Let’s not over-intellectualize “Yo (I’m Lit)”: it’s a banger and it’s coming out now on Main Course. What else is there to say?
“I was headed to LA for a show so I hit Saint up wanting to get in the studio together to work on some music,” UNiiQU3 says of the track’s genesis over email. “We made this song in one sitting. We came up with the vocals because it reflects the lifestyle. Being lit at a function. It’s a fun track. It’s every party goer’s anthem. Parties should be judge free zones. You can get so lit to the point where nobody can’t tell you shit, and if they did who gives a fuck?”

Main Course presents “Mutant Club”

Rising label Main Course has announced the Mutant Club “Attack!” EP, featuring a compilation of tracks from Astronomar, Bot, Tony Quattro, RVBRA, Trooko, Dizzy Bell and All Guns Blazing. Mutant Club is about taking weird ideas and combining the club and festival scenes. These artists are known for their unique sound, they are the mutants and Main Course is the “Professor X” uniting them together.