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Rezz – Witching Hour

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Canadian electronic music producer Rezz has been hard at work on her new album “Certain Kind of Magic” which is set to release August 3rd on Mau5trap. This is her second full length album after her debut in 2017 titled Mass Manipulation. Due to popular demand, Rezz has released her first single off the album titled “Witching Hour.” The track captures her ever-evolving and idiosynratic electro sound. You can stream her new song below.

“I’ve been wanting to release ‘Witching Hour’ for a while,” says Rezz regarding her new single for Deadmau5′ label Mau5trap. “A perfect way to introduce the theme of “Certain Kind of Magic.”

Known for her menacing soundscapes, you can expect her second album to be forward thinking and unique. In addition to her solo tracks, she features new producers 1788-L, Deathpact, Kotek 13 and Fytch adding to her productions.

Pre-order Certain Kind Of Magic here: http://smarturl.it/certainkindofmagic

Rezz – Mass Manipultaion EP



After dropping a couple Singles off her new album, Rezz’s highly anticipated album Mass Manipulation is finally upon us. Out on Mau5trap records, Rezz continues to push the limits of bass music taking us on a sci-fi journey mixed with a horror flick. The album makes your hair stand up and feel like a beast is creeping up on you. It truly manages to capture the exact sound that you would expect from Rezz. This album is a gem.

It is highly recommended to go see her if her tour comes to a town near you. Her sets are well thought out and she knows how to take you on a musical journey. Notably, she will be playing at Shambhala Music Festival on Sunday August 13th.

Rezz – Something Wrong Here EP

If you have never had a chance to listen to Rezz, then you are truly about to discover one of the future stars of the dance music community. I use the term future, but realistically she has already made a big splash on the scene. I got my first taste of Rezz discovering new music before Shambhala music festival in Canada.

Her new EP, “Something Wrong Here,” has just been released on Deadmau5’s record label Mau5trap. Dubbed as Deadmau5’s prodigy, she has been storming the scene over the last year playing various clubs & festivals. Her mid tempo, bass driven style makes you want to move to her beat no matter what space you are in. If you get a chance to go see Rezz play, I highly recommend it.