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We meet once again for that one day that Moombahton is showcased . For this Moobahton Monday I’ve selected a  handful of tracks that are making some noise in the scene. Go ahead download or stream these tunes & remember to like and follow the artists social media pages. In the midst of the whole Soundcloud copyright issue, track selection might become a little scarce now but  if they’re any alternate links I will make sure to post them on here. Till next time my fellow Moombahtoneros……#MOOMBAHTONNEVERDIES.


The man with the Stache Valentino Khan went ahead and gave his Make Some Noise tune a Moombahton flip.


These guys have been goin in for a good minute now, Locomotive delivers nothing but greatness on this tune. #PUROPARTY #BORRACHOSNATION
The homie Mohntee going in on this Astronomar tune!!!


Hoodie’s Thunderstruck EP available October 7th. A Moombahton treat in here for you guys!!!


A Latino Army is ready to unleash some heavy stuff…… Are you ready??? Minimix available to stream, coming out October 9th!



Corrupted Data……………Welcome Back!!


Some deep stuff from Rathero.
Puro fuego from the KING Ricky Vaughn! Make sure you sign up to his RV Club lots of exclusive material for you to enjoy!



A personal favorite right here, Mambo Killers never disappoint.
I must admit it is always good to see some Dillon Moombahton!



Make way for the Bass Beasts Maxx & EJ! #EDMPANADAS



Gully collabs with Step One to bring you Chea!



Reid Stefan has some Moombah weapons check out this Get Low remix of his!


Hugo Haze made one pa’la Feas!


Cortez Syndicate doing what they do best!















MBTMAnother edition of Moombahton Monday is here and this one is a Home Run edition. Some people say that the Moombahton era has passed or has faded but I beg to differ. The scene is now filled with amazing talent and those that have been loyal to the movement still deliver 108%. This may not be one of the big trendy BPM’s at the moment, but you can’t lie to me and say that the Moombah don’t make you move. I leave you with an array of tunes that are circulating the internet right now. Enjoy the sweet sound of Moombahton and just a little reminder from me…………. “MOOMBAHTON NEVER DIES”


Starting things off with the homies Locomotive & Happy Colors. This tune is not only for you es Pa’To Oh El Mundazo.



Naybr brings you that Calaca Moombahton for your ears.



A Club Banger from Dj Duro.



The homie Chong X going in on this Biggie Bounce Edit.


These guys have been on their A game for a minute now. Check out Suave by the Mambo Killers.


The title on the track says it all ” The Greatest”. Shout out to the homie Ricky Vaughn.



Some soul vibes from Mohntee…… How I miss this sound,



Neki adds that Moobahton vibe to We Run The Night.



That’s the WAY WE LIKE………Moombahton, some heavy tunes from the homie D-Dots!


Some new MOOM MOOM from Milo & Otis coming out soon!!


Dj Dago goes Moombahton with this Head Band Bootleg.



An Original Moomabahton exclusive from Dj Lockie x Stromae.



TURBiine unloads a hard Momnbah tune with Mirate  Mami feat CiOnDaddy.



Avoid Taking EDM and enjoy this great tune from Cuboid.


The Hometown homie  Monsieur-Manuel leaves you some Moombahton goodies with his Taka EP.


Pack it up Pack it in let the Moombah begin. Jump Around- Marco Villarroel bootleg.


Some crazy Jungle Terror with a pinch of Moombahton brought to you by Mr. Jungle Terror himself WIWEK.


Ending the post with my pick of Moombahton tune of the year, I know the year isn’t over but this tune is huge. Enjoy this crazy remix by the “Moombahton King” Ricky Vaughn.