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Another week in the books and another edition of Moombahton Monday for you guys. Let’s take a look at what the Moombah fam has in store for us Moombahtoneros. This past week there was no shortage of Moombahton heat. The fam went in and delivered a huge batch of tunes for us to enjoy. Remember to take a quick minute to like and or follow these talented producers on their social media branches. Enough gibberish for now, press play or download and enjoy the Moombahton sound. Tune in next week for another edition of Moombahton Monday………..PEACE!



It is only right to start this Monday with a bang, the duo known as MaXx&EJ really went  in with their tune Back Shots. If this don’t make you get off your seat……..something is really wrong with you. Find this and more via their spot with Do Androids Dance?: Maxx & EJ Mondays 10X10.



The homies Mambo Killers throw in some of the Brazilian sound with their tune Moombah Do Mondo.


Next up we have a newcomer to the Mommbahton scene, out of Colombia I bring you DJ Tombs. Be on the lookout for more stuff from this amazing producer.



The Canadian Diplo aka Antae has been on point with all his stuff as of late.



Everyone’s favorite track on the airwaves right now gets a Moombah flip from Guerilla Crew.



One of my personal favorites, ### brings you Kontenda! (sorry I didn’t post this one last week)



Twisted Colors release El Negro Llego & this one is a BANGER!!




Noizekid lays down another Reggaeton Moombahton bootleg masterpiece!



Krumm has been going in hard me with amazing tunes recently. Here are two amazing tunes that you need to have or hear now!




A well-known name in the Moombahton scene comes back and hits us with Uprise. Welcome back D-V3KZ!!!!!!



Gingee Releases a Moombahton & Zouk Bass EP, make sure you grab this while its hot!!


A great Moombahton track by LUPAI.


The homie Varilla goes back and flips Ice Cube’s $100 Dollar Bill Y’all



Ending this post with some great Bacondo rhythms! Be on the lookout for these dudes they been murdering the scene!



Huge shout out to the people over at Original Moombahton for keeping the scene up to date with tunes. Make sure to head over to their Soundcloud page and grab Exclusive material as well as tons of tracks that are uploaded there!





Straight to the point; Otto Von Schirach just destroyed a whole cave full of Dragons, Knights, Illuminati Bronies, and Masked Princesses.


That’s right, even the princesses.  His first few mixes are trippy, and lead you into the performance, preparing you for some straight freakiness.

He proceeds to warn the crowd they’re about to travel to parts unknown, glitching out the vocals hard, and blending them seamlessly with the tracks.

Like only true Masters of Ceremonies can.  Live vocals during this whole performance make the whole thing so much more entertaining to watch, it’s hard to even look away from.

Did we mention the cameo from the one eyed Screamo Crow?

There are so many different aspects to this performance, you can tell a lot of love went into creating it.  It’s more than a DJ set, it’s an art piece.  The music, the vibe, the hype…all timeless.

And Wait…What?

23 Minutes in he goes complete caveman, bringing the listener/viewer/party straight back to the time of the Dinosaurs, with an absolutely huge Moombahcore slammer, and again back to that oldschool hip hop/bass vibe for a sec…Right before he starts rapping in Spanish over it?

Oh.  I see what he did there.

It was a set up!

Pretty sure no one expected him to blend into Tropical Bass.

This set is full of surprises.

My heart goes out to the booties of the dancers the next morning, because Otto goes hard.  Like…Real Hard.

A lot of the time, he’s not beat matching, but no one cares.  This man is a rock God.  More than that, he is a certified Miami made Bass God.

How the Hell did he just switch over to playing trap?  Wait, is that another Breakbeat?  No, wait…it’s…Proto Jungle?

Booty breaks?

Boiler Room’s write up was right when they called it “…a universal brain-cue from the Bermuda Triangle straight to Berlin… it’s Otto Von Schirach opening port-holes in Boiler Room and out to the universe.”


Shit.  Yours.  Don’t lose it.  The next couple of blends are some scary Gabber-esque Breakcore that could cause a lung to implode, given the right set of conditions, but don’t worry.  He gets back to the Miami Bass soon.

You’ve done enough brain work for now, though.  It’s time to stop reading.  Press play, strap yourself in, and prepare yourself for a freaky journey through bass, Otto Von Schirach style.

And if your craving this in your stereo, the whole thing is available to download, free of charge via Boiler Room’s official website.

Munchi the master of Moombahton strikes again!

munchi1-copyThe master of Moombahton strikes again with a tune that comes straight out of the vault.(Ohh! and have we been waiting for this one!) This Munchi x Bro Safari collab was heard on various mixes and witnessed by those who’ve been lucky to catch a Munchi set. Sin Compromiso has to go down as a Moombahcore classic in my books. With that Final Countdown bit followed by the iconic Munchi whistle, the rest is just a work of Moombahcore art. Since being unleashed to the public the once unreleased gem is now the most talked about tune out there. God and Munchi himself only know what kind of arsenal is kept from us, but trust me one day they will be released and Moombahton will lose its breath for a minute. Everything this musical mastermind touches turns into ORO PURO. As long as El Desaparecido doesn’t leave the Moombahton scene completely, we will all be safe of that sudden Death that haunts us! #MOOMBAHTONFOREVER!

Click here to Download


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