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Let’s Get Tropical: #TRAPICAL

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I Just Scoured Soundcloud’s Barnacly Underbelly To Bring You This Week’s Most Tropical Trap Available.  Read On, & Find Out What It Is To Sound #TRAPICAL.

Just because it’s got a resort on it…Doesn’t mean there’s not a bumpin’ underground music scene.  This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we blow the lid right off that resort, and get #TRAPICAL.  Some good, hard tropical beats to get you through the week, right here, from the gentlest to the dirtiest, all in one go.  Week after week, I’m just gonna keep on dropping names, styles, and labels you’ve never heard of…but should have!  I’m extra happy with this week’s finds.  Even the tropical Country/Western Trap (WTF).


For those who troll their listeners:

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Let’s Get Tropical: Week 2

This week on Let’s Get Tropical we focus on a fresh one from our homies Pesadão Tropical.

Transition from Kuduro into trap?  No problem for Pesadão Tropical.  Greasy is the only way to describe the drop in this trio’s latest tune.  It starts on a Kuduro vibe, and sinks into slowed down, Trapped out, bass heavy number that will hit you like shots fired.

Well mixed, catchy, re-playable and guaranteed to shake your speaker box, we’re more than happy to have this one up on the blog.

“Sol, suor e grave.”

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