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Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home(Kastle Bootleg) (Free Download)

artworks-000057488356-jfezx7-t500x500Kastle has been one of my favorite producers since last year, each of his tracks and mixes have a unique style and sound to it and always stays fresh. His latest track is a bootleg of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” I’m honestly not a huge Drake fan but I love his take on this track, and I love that its a free download as well. Be sure to grab your copy on the soundcloud link below.


ƱZ x Clicks & Whistles – Bull Dozer (Download)

artworks-000056444136-sf7jvx-t500x500The mysterious UZ drops another piece of ear candy with his latest track Bull Dozer, which carries enough snare and bass to knock down a building just as the title suggests. You would be hard pressed to find someone immune to the bouncing rhythm of this track and with the looping “hit the dance floor” vocals, there is no mystery as to what you should be doing once the beat kicks. Whether you are an against the wall head nodder or all out twerk fiend, you will find what you’re looking for on this one as it is quite difficult not to get moving within the first 30 seconds. Take notes producers, this is nothing short of a banger and as for you DJ’s, go ahead and add this as a party saver in any mix; you will not be disappointed. “WHAT THE FUCK YOU CAME FOR”

-Dee Wash