We meet once again for that one day that Moombahton is showcased . For this Moobahton Monday I’ve selected a  handful of tracks that are making some noise in the scene. Go ahead download or stream these tunes & remember to like and follow the artists social media pages. In the midst of the whole Soundcloud copyright issue, track selection might become a … Continue reading MOOMBAHTON MONDAY: THE RETURN

Let’s Get Tropical: Banger. That’s a nice word.

The Banginest Bangers You Can Bang, From All Over The Planet. Did we mention this shit can be heard banging around the world?  ‘Cos… Today’s instalment of Let’s Get Tropical Is strictly for the hard core users of Global Bass vibrations.  Weird out, tune in, and saddle up.  It’s gonna get bumpy.  A lot of folks think of mellow, pussy-ass shit when they think “Global … Continue reading Let’s Get Tropical: Banger. That’s a nice word.