October 24th Gangsigns released his newest single “ATWTU” for his 31st BIRTHDAY and he’s bringing that HEAT! ATWTU is straight fire for the dancefloor. Flexing the evolution of club music in every way with huge basslines, trap beats and that catchy hook "ALL THE WAY TURNT UP" a full 54 TIMES in the song! It's a … Continue reading GANGSIGNS – ATWTU

Let’s Get Tropical: This Week In Jungle Terror

The New Jungle Terror Is Deep And Dirty. In increasing frequency, Jungle Terror is front and centre when heads get together and talk about emerging genres, and today's edition of Let's Get Tropical is no exception.  I've hand chosen 5 of the best tunes released this week to make you move your feet, so read on, … Continue reading Let’s Get Tropical: This Week In Jungle Terror

Let’s Get Tropical: Overdue Edition.

"Sometimes, You Just Have To Go Out And Live. Then There Are Those Times When All You Do Is Sit And Feel. This Is One."