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Brokechella 2014

These days musical festivals have become huge and grown to many different events. Coachella is one of the biggest events and has expanded to two weekends. Seems these days that only the wealthy can afford Coachella, and at a price that almost hits $400, there has to be a better alternative. Thankfully, if your in the Los Angeles area and have $20 you can experience a festival at a fraction of the price of Coachella. Brokechella is your solution to good music, memories, and food. The lineup is stacked with great talent from the Hip Hop Stage, DJ Stage, and bands stage. Let’s not even forget the many comedians who are also on board for the fun. I honestly can’t find something as culturally relevant and organic as Brokechella in Los Angeles. Amazing artists will be rocking all the stages. From picking which food truck to eat at and which stages and artists to see, it can be a little overwhelming in an awesome way. So make sure to get your Broke Pass [HERE]

Here’s some tunes you can expect to hear at Brokechella:


Saint – Amira


The prince of darkness, Saint, just released his second EP Amira. This EP is like no other, packed with unique styles from all over the world. These hybrid songs include styles rooting back to Eastern Cultures while still incorporating western vibes, like his song Shisha featuring Himself, The Magician. Make sure to grab a copy of Amira now on Beatport!

– Chris Vazquez

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