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Falcons x DJ Hoodboi – Tick Tock(Free Download)

avatars-000048792404-b2bnt7-t500x500With the upcoming release of Falcons new EP coming at the end of this month, Falcons also did a collaboration with the unknown artist that goes by the name of DJ Hoodboi. DJ Hoodboi as I posted yesterday released his No (T-)Pain No Gain Compilation that gave a Jersey Club remix to T-Pain songs. This song is available as a free download on Falcons Soundcloud, just follow the link below.


No(T-)Pain No Gain Compilation

avatars-000056947015-l5qrq2-t500x500I recently saw this on my soundcloud feed today posted by Dj Hoodboi. No one knows who or where these Djs are from, they send these tracks anonymously to various blogs and disguise their IP addresses using Proxies making it impossible to know where they actually come from. This compilation is labeled as Slow Jersey, it includes five T-Pain tracks and you can download all their tracks on Liveforthefunk’s website.



Boatylicious Boat Party Review


Last Saturday was the boat party with Miami Horror and Giraffage as the main headliners of the night. Upon arrival the boat had two floors, the inside deck which had the dancefloor extended through the entire boat, and the 2nd deck was about half the size with seats for everyone to sit and enjoy the view. The weather was perfect to be on either floor, as we set sail while listening to Nicefingers. Everyone that I met that day was so nice and was having a good time on the boat, especially when Nicefingers played their remix of “Don’t Speak,” which drove everyone crazy.


It was easy to walk around to both stages on the boat even though it was filled with passengers. As the night progressed Giraffage played earlier than anticipated on the outdoor stage playing a lot of his remixes. Money was literally flying all over the place, beautiful girls were twerking in front of him, and everyone was singing along to all of his tracks. These are some of the tracks he played that night including his newest remix of Better Off Alone.

Finally Miami Horror went on stage on the bottom floor, everyone was inside dancing making it difficult to get close to see them. They played all of their classic tracks such as “Sometimes”, “Holidays”, and “Empire Ants(Miami Horror Remix).” They played the most funkiest tracks as we sailed past the Queen Mary. As we sailed past the Queen Mary to head to shore the music was still going and the music didn’t stop until 2 am. I got a chance to talk to one of Miami Horror guys and he was a nice guy and we talked about music, he alsotold me about their event October 11 at the Echoplex in case you guys want to catch them again in Los Angeles. Overall this was the best event that I have ever been too, the crowd themselves definitely made the music and the whole night a lot better and more enjoyable. I want to thank Take 2 Entertainment and I hope they throw another boat event soon. So to end this post right, the song below was one of my favorite unexpected tracks that I heard last night was one of the most memorable tracks of that night that had me dancing and singing the whole time.